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The light blue dinosaur that appears on the Palworld application and social media channels is Relaxaurus, a Water and Dragon type Pal that has proven difficult to find and catch.

Of course, if you have played Palworld for any amount of time, it’s likely you’ve run into Relaxaurus during a Raid on your base. These dinosaurs can wreak havoc on your base, especially if you’re a lower level, which can make you want to catch one even more. However, Relaxaurus is a challenging Pal to find, let alone capture. It’s only in one location during the early-mid game of Palworld, and you can see exactly where that is in the guide below.

Finding Relaxaurus in Palworld

Screenshot via Upcomer

Relaxaurus is only located in one area during the day, which is to the west of Rayne Syndicate Tower. You’ll have to travel a little ways to the west of the tower to find Relaxaurus’ habitat. Of course, if a herd of Relaxaurus decides to Raid your base, you can also try to catch one during this time. However, all of your Pals working in the base will attack the raiding Pals on sight, so you’ll have to be fast and lucky to capture one this way.

For the most part, you’ll have to look for Relaxaurus in its habitat, which is shown on the map screenshot below.

Screenshot via Upcomer

At this location on the map, you can usually find a group of Relaxaurus roaming around out in the open. I recommend trying to single one out, though, as if surrounding Relaxaurus sees a fight happening, they will intervene, which only makes your encounter more challenging.

You can only capture Relaxaurus with a Mega Sphere and above, so don’t try to use a regular Pal Sphere to catch one. It will likely take several Mega or Giga Spheres to catch Relaxaurus, which means you’ll have to be patient and make sure you stay alive long enough during the fight.

Relaxaurus’ stats in Palworld

Screenshot via Upcomer

To see if Relaxaurus is worth capturing or not, you can check out its stats below:

  • Type: Water / Dragon
  • Partner Skill: Hungry Missile
  • Work Suitability: Watering Level 2

And that’s everything you need to know about Relaxaurus and how to find and catch it. The Palworld poster child is certainly a strong addition to your team, especially in battle, so I recommend trying to find one once you reach the right level. You can also see how to catch the Fire/Dragon Vanwyrm in Palworld in my previous guide.