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Atomic Heart is a game that does not offer much in the way of help when it comes to certain missions. All you will get most of the time is a sentence at the top of your screen telling you what your goal is and not much else. Sometimes, your glove Charles will offer some advice about what to do, but even that can be vague at best. One of the many instances of players needing some additional help is during the quest “A Glass, Darkly.” During this Atomic Heart quest, players will be told to “enter the facility,” but they aren’t exactly sure how to do so.

Fortunately, we were able to crack the code of this quest and enter the facility with ease. If you want to progress in Atomic Heart and reach the all-important VDNH facility, keep reading below.

Enter the facility in Atomic Heart

When you see the “enter the facility” message appear on your screen, you will be greeted with a giant descending staircase, confetti with red smoke, and several other technological marvels. At the end of the staircase, you will see a large door that you, of course, cannot open. At this point, Charles will say something about needing to find another way into the facility.

To do that, you need to approach the Plutonium structure, which can be found on the left side of the door if you’re looking at it from the staircase. The structure is green and has dozens of small balls around a sign that says “Plutonium.”

When you approach this structure, you’re able to interact with it. While you can do this from anywhere, you will need to stand on the right side of it, as seen below. You should be facing the stairs when looking at the structure.

Atomic Heart enter the facility
Provided by Mundfish

From here, hold the interact button and then start walking to your right. This will drag the sign along with you. Once the sign is all the way to the right, let go of the interact key, turn around, and there will be an opening in the ground. The opening has a red-lit interior, and you need to jump into it before it closes. It will close once the sign has returned to its normal position.

Provided by Mundfish

Once you’re inside the open door, walk through the door and you will have successfully entered the facility in Atomic Heart.

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