How to catch Shiny Pals in Palworld: Lucky Pals explained
How to catch Shiny Pals in Palworld: Lucky Pals explained
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How to catch Shiny Pals in Palworld: Lucky Pals explained

The new iteration of Shinies

While the majority of the Palworld map is made up of regular old Pals, there are certain special kinds, called Lucky Pals, that are essentially this game’s version of Shiny Pokemon.

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If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, then you likely know all about the Shiny versions of the pocket monsters. Shiny Pokemon are incredibly hard to find no matter what game in the series you’re playing. Similar to Pokemon, Palword’s Lucky Pals are also difficult to find and catch, but they’re not nearly as hard to stumble across. Also, unlike Pokemon, Lucky Pals don’t change color, but they do have a very distinct difference compared to regular Pals.

To learn all about finding and catching Lucky Pals in Palworld, check out my guide below.

How to find Lucky Pals in Palworld

With Palworld being such a new game, players have not yet figured out the odds of seeing a Lucky Pal or the best ways to trigger their spawns. Luckily, there are two easy ways to tell if you have stumbled upon a Lucky Pal or not.

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The first way is if you hear a sparkling noise, which is emitted by the Lucky Pal. If you follow the direction of the noise, you will come across the Lucky Pal. Another way to tell a Lucky Pal from a regular one is if it has gold sparkles floating around its body. Lucky Pals always have these gold sparkles around them, which is the clearest way to tell you have found a Lucky Pal.

Aside from those two methods, Lucky Pals will often be larger than their regular counterparts. So if you see an abnormally large Lamball floating around in a meadow, chances are it might be Lucky.

Best ways to catch Lucky Pals in Palworld

If you do manage to find a Lucky Pal, get ready for a longer fight, as they have much lower catch odds than a regular Pal. For example, I discovered a Lucky Daedream right near the opening area of Palworld and it took me roughly 20 Pal Spheres to catch it. Fortunately, the Lucky Pal won’t move from its area or gain any of its health back, even if you leave the area. So in my case, I was able to return to my base, make more Pal Spheres, and go back to the Lucky Daedream to get more attempts of catching it.

I highly recommend using one Pal in your party to deal damage to the Lucky Pal, but only for the start of the fight. You don’t want your Pal killing the Lucky Pal, so put it back into its Pal Sphere when you’re ready to start trying to catch the Lucky Pal.

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As for the areas to check for Lucky Pals, there’s not one concrete answer. I found my Lucky Daedream down a cliff a few hundred feet from the starting area of Palworld, so you don’t have to go far for a Lucky Pal to potentially spawn. The best way to go about Lucky Pal hunting is to traverse the map consistently, use some sort of audio device to listen for the sparkling noise, and keep a close eye out for those gold sparkles.

I will update this guide if more details arise about Lucky Pal hunting methods in Palworld.

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