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With a name like “Depresso,” it’s no wonder why this straight-faced Dark type Pal has skyrocketed up the popularity charts within the Palworld community. Depresso has become famous for its demeanor in Palworld, never changing its expression when battling or working. However, the tiny depressed Pal isn’t so easy to catch, as it’s quite rare to find on the map.

Luckily, there are a few key spots you can check that should lead you right to Depresso. In the guide below, you can see exactly where to find Depresso and all of it stats in Palworld.

Catching Depresso in Palworld

The main thing to remember when going to catch Depresso is that it only comes out at night. Similar to Daedream and Hoocrates, Depresso tends to be more nocturnal, so you’ll have to wait until the moon is out to catch the little guy. Once it’s dark out, you can look in the following areas for Depresso:

Screenshot via Upcomer

I was able to find my Depresso in the northeastern part of the map, but you can look really anywhere at night to find it. If you manage to stumble upon Depresso, it’s usually not a high level, so you should only have to use a regular Pal Sphere to capture it. I recommend having your party Pals set to the “Don’t attack” command, though, as one attack might kill Depresso.

Depresso’s stats in Palworld

Screenshot via Upcomer

If you’re curious about whether Depresso is worth catching or not, here are its stats in Palworld:

  • Type: Dark
  • Work Suitabilities: Level 1 Handiwork / Level 1 Mining / Level 1 Transport
  • Skill: Caffeine Inoculation

Depresso isn’t going to be a great option for battling or base work, but it is enjoyable to see the Pal moving around with its constant dull expression. If you’re interested in the best Pals for base work, though, you can check out our previous guides on the best Watering Pals and the best Mining Pals.