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The Burial Point map in Redfall features an entirely fresh slate of content for players to consume. It’s here that players will meet Miss Whisper and Bloody Tom, two other vampire gods that players need to deal with in order to truly free Redfall from the vampire infestation. Before players are able to defeat either one of the bosses, though, they need to acquire Vampire Underboss Skulls. The easiest way to acquire these skulls is to activate Safehouses and complete missions at each one. However, one Safehouse in Burial Point, called Direcliff Safehouse, has a shock field that prevents players from activating it in Redfall.

This Safehouse features a generator in the middle of a power plant. Players are unable to turn it on, though, as there are electrical shocks going off all around them. These shocks damage players and within a few hits, they are dead. If players want to figure out a way around this shock field and activate the Direcliff Safehouse, they can read our guide below.

Getting around the shock at Direcliff Safehouse in Redfall

For reference, you can see exactly which Safehouse we are talking about in the screenshot below. Redfall does not tell you the names of the Safehouses until you activate them, so the one below is revealed as Direcliff Safehouse after it’s been activated.

How to get through the shock field and unlock the Direcliff Safehouse in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

When you approach this Safehouse, you will see power lines going to it and shocks going off every second or so. The yellow generator you need to turn on is sitting in the middle of the power plant. If you are coming in through the open gate at the power plant, you need to head to the left side and approach the first block of power boxes.

On the side of the first power boxes, you will see a keypad that is highlighted in red halfway up the box. You need a Rewire Kit to hack this keypad, which shuts off the shock field. You can now approach the second block of boxes and repeat the process again. There is another red keypad on the block of boxes directly to the left of the yellow generator, which requires another Rewire Kit.

How to get through the shock field and unlock the Direcliff Safehouse in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

With both blocks of power boxes turned off, the shocks will now stop, and you can turn on the generator with no threat to your health. This will activate the Direcliff Safehouse, giving you a new fast travel point and access to more side missions in Redfall.

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