How to beat Jormuntide in Palworld and all rewards
How to beat Jormuntide in Palworld and all rewards
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How to beat Jormuntide in Palworld and all rewards

One of the Strongest Wayer-type Pals

There are certainly some intimidating Pals across the map in Palworld, but few are scarier than the Emperor of the Sea, Jormuntide. Your first encounter with Jormuntide will likely be with its Alpha form, which is located in two different spots on the island.

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Alpha Jormuntide is a level 45 Water and Dragon-type Pal that needs to be taken extremely seriously. If you don’t come prepared, Jormuntide can dismantle you and your entire team. Luckily, my guide below goes over how to beat the sea monster and all the rewards you can earn from taking it down.

Beating Jormuntide in Palworld

As Jormuntide is a Water and Dragon-type, you’ll want to bring along at least one Electric-type or one Ice-type. Both of those types of attacks are super effective against Jormuntide. You can also bring some Pals that know attacks of those types, but just make sure they’re not weak to Water or Dragon-type attacks. I brought along Orserk, who has some incredible Electric attacks, and Sibelyx to deal super-effective damage. However, Pals like Univolt, Rayhound, Reindrix, or Foxcicle would work as well.

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You’ll also want to ensure your Pals are at the appropriate level. I didn’t challenge Jormuntide until I had at least level 37 Pals, but that was pretty difficult. If you’re patient enough, I recommend waiting until character level 43, though, which is when you craft a Hyper Shield to protect yourself much better. You’ll also have access to Ultra Spheres, which makes capturing Jormuntide much easier. I tried capturing Jormuntide with Hyper Spheres and they only have roughly an 8% capture rate at low HP.

Finally, I suggest equipping a Single-Shot Rifle, Handgun, or Double-Barrel Shotgun to deal damage to Jormuntide yourself. These weapons all deal significant damage to the Alpha Pal, especially when you aim for the head.

Jormuntide rewards in Palworld

If you manage to take down Jormuntide by way of capturing or killing it, you can earn a mixture of the following rewards:

  • Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Pal Fluids
  • Precious Dragon Stone
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I managed to get all three of these rewards the first time I captured Jormuntide, but your rewards may differ. You also receive plenty of XP for capturing or killing the Pal, which is terrific for leveling up you and your party.

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