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There are many bosses in Last Epoch but one that you’ll stumble upon midway through your adventure is Emperor’s Remains.

This void-powered enemy is one of the more difficult challenges during Last Epoch’s campaign, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. In fact, you can make it easy if you have the right strategy. Here’s everything that you need to know.

How to beat Emperor’s Remains

Emporers remains boss fight Last Epoch
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One of the first major bosses in the Last Epoch story, Emperor’s Remains can cause problems if you aren’t aware of what you’re up against. Fortunately, if you get down the moveset and know what to avoid, this fight becomes very easy.

What to look out for

During the fight with Emperor’s Remains, you’re going to see a variety of void attacks, but many of these are easily avoidable. Here are all of the moves that the boss will use during the fight.

  • Corrupting Bomb (Orbs being lobbed to the ground)
  • Void Rift (Cone shaped void blast)
  • Earth Shatter (Crashing blast of void-fused forges)
  • Void Stab (Stabbing attack with tentacle)
  • Omen’s Eye summoning

How to fight Emperor’s Remains

Fighting Emperor’s Remains is similar to other bosses in Last Epoch in the fact that you can stay safe simply by watching the ground. All of the moves outside of Omen’s Eye will appear on the ground before they happen, so you should simply dash away from the blast range when it appears.

The most lethal of these attacks is Void Rift and Earth Shatter so you’ll want to make sure you get away from those. Fortunately, for ranged players, this means you can stay at a distance and pick off the boss.

For melee players, you’ll want to remain close dealing damage until these attack circles appear then escape before the coast is clear to head back in. Of course, the Omen’s Eye will cause you plenty of issues doing this.

How to avoid Omen’s Eye when fighting Emperor’s Remains

Omen’s Eyes make this fight tricky. These random mobs will summon constantly firing a laser until they are destroyed. If you don’t address these then your battle area will quickly fill up with them making it impossible to avoid damage.

The good news is that you can destroy Omen’s Eyes easily by slashing them as you would any other mob in the game. So make sure that you’re destroying them as they spawn so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

With this knowledge, you should be set to take out Emperor’s Remains when you reach Chapter 3 in Last Epoch.