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Just like in real life, there are alternating seasons in Sons of the Forest. Seasons play a critical role in the survival game as well, as they determine what a player needs to equip and gather. For example, during the winter season, food is less abundant and players will get colder much faster, meaning they need heavier clothes that have some protection against the cold. As such, players need to know when seasons are coming so they can properly prepare for what lies ahead.

Of course, the seasons in Sons of the Forest don’t last the same amount of time as they do in real life. The seasons only last a certain amount of time, which tends to differ depending on the specific season. If you want to learn more about seasons in Sons of the Forest, keep reading below.

Seasons in Sons of the Forest explained

As you would expect, there are only four seasons in the survival game: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Your save will likely begin in the summer months unless you are using custom rules. Summer and winter are the longest months, so you will spend a solid chunk of the beginning of the game in summertime.

However, after several days of in-game time, the season will begin to change to fall. You can see the changing of the seasons marked by different nature alterations. Fall brings orange leaves, winter brings snow, and spring melts the snow in exchange for colorful trees and flora.

Most of the seasons are harmless in terms of gameplay, with the exception of winter. During winter, you will need to equip warmer clothes, like the winter jacket, and need to procure food in different ways. For example, food such as salmon is impossible to find in the winter, as the water is frozen over. This also means that the mutants on the island with you will become more desperate for food, meaning they will be more aggressive in hunting you. In winter, you might want to consider fortifying your base to keep out the mutants better.

Your first seasonal cycle will be a learning experience, but after your first one, you should know how to survive each of the seasons in Sons of the Forest.

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