How many Pal types are there in Palworld and what are they?
How many Pal types are there in Palworld and what are they?
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How many Pal types are there in Palworld and what are they?

Every Pal type that populates Palworld

Palworld has clearly taken inspiration from the Pokemon franchise, and not just in the designs of the Pals. Every Pal also has dedicated types, which determine their skills, working traits, drops, and more in Palworld.

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While you can find a variety of different Pal types, there aren’t nearly as many as there are in Pokemon. Of course, this doesn’t mean the game is limited to just what you can find in the starting regions. As you continue to explore, more and more Pal types begin to pop up, allowing you to expand your skill pool and get new loot. To see a list of every Pal type in Palworld, check out the guide below.

All Pal types in Palworld

In total, there are nine Pal types in Palworld. This is a significantly lower number than the Pokemon franchise, but keep in mind that Palworld is still in early access, so more types could certainly be added in the future.

For now, here is every type available in Palworld:

  • Dark
  • Dragon
  • Electric
  • Fire
  • Grass
  • Earth
  • Neutral
  • Ice
  • Water

Palworld strength and weakness type chart

These Pal types interact in the same way that they do in Pokemon, with most types being strong and weak against another type. The only type that isn’t strong against any other type is Neutral, which is basically the Normal type from Pokemon. However, Neutral types are weak against Dark types, so keep Pals like Lamball away from something like Daedream.

Aside from the Neutral type, every other type is strong and weak against one other type in Palworld. To see the type chart for Palworld, look at the screenshot below.

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This type chart is important to remember when you’re preparing for a boss fight or getting ready to fight against a certain type in Palworld. If you have it memorized, then you can plan your party accordingly and always have the upper hand against an opponent.

To see a list of every Pal in Palworld, check out our previous guide so you can view the entire Paldeck.

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