Hogwarts Legacy showcases all four House common rooms
Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy showcases all four House common rooms

Every Common Room has been revealed

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The buzz for Hogwarts Legacy has only grown in the past couple of weeks. After the developers released a new gameplay video at Gamescom Opening Night Live, there was also information about pre-orders and a Collector’s Edition unveiled. The team behind Hogwarts Legacy has kept the ball rolling into September, as well, with the release of four new videos centered around each Hogwarts house’s common room.

The common rooms will play a significant role in Hogwarts Legacy. While they’re not crucial to the overall gameplay loop in the game, the common room will be a hub for players to accept quests, talk to housemates, and relax in a comfortable environment. It’s also entirely possible that secrets could be tucked away in each of the common rooms, adding a layer of replayability to the game. As the developers have previously stated, players of a different House cannot enter a Common Room that is not their own. So to get the full experience of Hogwarts Legacy, players can replay the game four times and pick a different House in each playthrough.

In each video, players get to see the entrances to the respective rooms for the first time. As expected, each entrance is unique to that specific House. For example, Ravenclaw has a silver raven guarding the door and opens up once players get near. Slytherin, on the other hand, has a giant serpent uncover the door so players to enter. Of course, Gryffindor has the painting of a lady for players to go through; lastly, Hufflepuff’s room is entered through a wine barrel. Each of the videos are in a playlist on the Hogwarts Legacy YouTube channel.

Overall, the common rooms have a lot of care put into them, and it shows; each room has a distinct vibe that’s unique to all four Houses. Hufflepuff has a warm feeling, with greenery all around its walls and staircases. Slytherin looks more menacing, featuring rocky terrain on the walls and a gray and green color scheme. Gryffindor appears to closely resemble that of the Common Room depicted in the Harry Potter films. There are hints of red and orange along the walls, furniture and stained glass windows; the room also has a roaring fireplace and more. Finally, Ravenclaw is a clean-looking Common Room, complete with marble floors and a starry nighttime ceiling design.

If the rest of Hogwarts Legacy looks as polished as these Common Rooms do, players are certainly in for a graphical treat. Hogwarts Legacy is releasing on Feb. 10, 2023.

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