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Over the past several months, Hogwarts Legacy has been the game that most players have been looking forward to in the first few months of 2023. After all, there are few pieces of fiction more popular than the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. However, a late contender has knocked Hogwarts Legacy off its throne atop the Steam charts for now.

On the day of its release, Jan. 24, Forspoken surpassed Hogwarts Legacy as the best-selling game on Steam.

Forspoken tops Hogwarts Legacy on Steam

Forspoken just got to #1 on Steam. from SquareEnix

Forspoken, the newest open world RPG from Square Enix, seemingly came out of nowhere, at least for most of the video game community.

While there was a free demo for Forspoken available on PS5, few in the community paid much attention to it. Forspoken didn’t receive much of a marketing push in the months leading up to its release, which likely caused this lack of attention. However, in the days leading up to its release and on release day, players finally learned about Forspoken and made it a top-selling game, at least on PC.

While we don’t know exactly how Forspoken is performing on PlayStation 5 just yet, which is the only other system it was released on, it’s safe to assume that many console fans also picked up the game as well.

This is quite the interesting turn of events, as many predicted Forspoken would flop due to the PS5 demo being somewhat bland. That prediction was doubled down after reviews began to come out for Forspoken, most of which were not kind to the RPG. All across social media, open world gamers said that they would wait for a sale to pick up Forspoken or simply not play it at all.

That sentiment doesn’t seem to be shared by many, however, as Forspoken is now the top game on Steam. Of course, that will likely change when Hogwarts Legacy is released in early February. But, for now, the developers at Square Enix appear to have a hit on its hands, at least in terms of sales.

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