Is Forspoken a multiplayer game?
Forspoken multiplayer
Provided by Square Enix

Is Forspoken a multiplayer game?

Single player dominates the land of Forspoken

Forspoken is one of the first major games to release in 2023, developed by Square Enix and launched on PlayStation 5 and PC. The game received mixed reviews upon its release, with some reviewers liking the magical abilities and unique movement style of the main character. However, other reviewers found the story to be bland and the combat overly complicated.

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Of course, those reviews are completely subjective and players should try out the game for themselves before making any judgments. However, if players were banking on Forspoken to be a multiplayer game to determine if they played, they might have just saved $70.

An open world RPG, a majority of players assumed that Forspoken was not going to be a multiplayer game. Most open world titles, especially RPGs, rarely combine any multiplayer elements into the base game. While some games like the Far Cry series allow for co-op play, that’s still a rarity in today’s open world gaming market.

So, here’s the million-dollar question: Has Forspoken continued this trend or does it allow for co-op multiplayer play.

Forspoken is not multiplayer

Provided by Square Enix

Unfortunately for co-op fans or anyone wanting additional multiplayer elements, Forspoken is strictly a single player campaign. Players start the game by themselves and that is how they will finish it. There is no opportunity to play alongside a friend in co-op and there are no extra modes for traditional multiplayer.

This might be disappointing for some fans, but others largely expected this. Multiplayer elements offer a whole other obstacle for developers to overcome. Even developers who have teased the idea of multiplayer in single player games, like Cyberpunk 2077, never end up delivering. Developing the single player aspect of the game is difficult enough in today’s day and age.

Perhaps Forspoken will introduce multiplayer some time in the future, but, for now, it can only be played solo.

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