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Much like Pokémon, Crema’s creature-catching MMORPG, Temtem, includes a mechanism for bringing new monsters into its in-game world. Breeding has a number of specific benefits, such as ensuring a given species has the highest stat values possible.

However, the process of creating these battle-ready Temtem is relatively complex and can be a bit time-consuming. Here’s an overview of everything that tamers need to keep in mind when it comes to breeding in Temtem.

How breeding works in Temtem

Temtem do not have egg groups like Pokémon. Instead, a male Temtem is eligible to mate with any female Temtem that shares a type with it. The lone exception is this game’s equivalent of Ditto, the Digital-type Mimit. Mimit is compatible with every other Temtem, although the offspring will always be the other species, meaning it is impossible to produce a Mimit egg.

To start the breeding process, tamers must pay 50 Pansun to deposit a pair of Temtem at the Breeding Center in Superior Omnesia. Players can deposit up to two pairs at a time. If both Temtem are in the same evolutionary line, it will take them five minutes to breed. Otherwise, the process takes 10 minutes.

Afterward, the player will receive an egg that they must keep in their party in order to hatch. Unlike Pokémon, the hatching process is not linked to how many steps a player takes. Instead, it takes an egg between five and 45 minutes to hatch, depending on the capture rate of the species in the egg. Tamers can also expedite the hatching process by equipping the Incubator device.

Temtem are not capable of breeding indefinitely. Instead, each Temtem has a fertility stat between zero and eight. Every time a Temtem breeds, its fertility decreases by one. Once its fertility hits zero, it is no longer capable of breeding.

All Temtem caught in the wild have a fertility stat between four and eight, depending on the number of stats they have 49 or 50 Single Values in. Having more high-SV stats corresponds to having lower fertility. As a result, stronger Temtem generally cannot breed as many times as weaker Temtem.

Result of breeding

When two Temtem produce an egg, the offspring will always be the unevolved form of the mother. The only exception is if a Mimit mates with a male Temtem, in which case the offspring will be the same species as its father. The offspring will have the same fertility stat as its least-fertile parent after producing the egg.

In general, a baby Temtem’s SVs are inherited from its parents. For each stat, there is a 40% chance it will inherit the higher SV number of its two parents, a 40% chance it will inherit the average of its parents’ SVs and a 20% chance it will inherit the lower SV number of its two parents.

However, by having one of the parents hold a DNA Strand bought at the Breeding Center, the player can guarantee that the offspring inherits the SV number in a certain stat from that parent. There is even a DNA Strand that allows the offspring to inherit the Trait slot from its parent, which can be helpful for hatching Temtem with secondary Traits.

Many Temtem also have egg techniques that they can acquire through breeding. These are techniques that they can only learn if they inherit them from a parent that knows the moves. Finally, the offspring is more likely to be Luma if it has a Luma parent. There is a 1/750 chance that one Luma parent will produce a Luma offspring, and a 1/75 chance that two Luma parents will produce a Luma offspring.

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