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Shiny hunters looking for a new experience to tide them over until the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet may want to try their hands at Luma hunting. Much like shiny Pokémon, Luma Temtem are differently-colored variants that trainers can occasionally find in the wild.

Like their counterparts in Pokémon, these special encounters are quite rare. Even so, there are some differences between shinies and Lumas that players will want to keep in mind. Here’s everything tamers need to know about Luma Temtem.

What are Luma Temtem?

A Luma Tateru.
Unlike shiny Pokémon, Luma Temtem have a sparkle effect that persists the entire time they are in battle. | Provided by Humble Bundle

When a Luma Temtem first appears in battle, it will emit multiple brightly-colored lights. Sparkles will also surround the Temtem throughout the entirety of the battle. In addition, a Luma that is following behind its trainer in the overworld will leave behind a bright trail.

Any given encounter has a 1 in 7,500 chance of being Luma. This makes them considerably more rare than shiny Pokémon from Generation 6 onward, which have a 1 in 4,096 encounter rate. Of course, they are also more common than shiny Pokémon prior to Generation 6, which had an encounter rate of 1 in 8,192.

There are certain Temtem that have a catch rate of zero, which means that they will be uncatchable if they are encountered in the wild. However, these creatures cannot be Luma, meaning players don’t have to worry about coming across an uncatchable Luma. Luma Temtem also will not appear at all shortly before server maintenance.

Lumas not only boast unique aesthetics, but they also have improved stats. They will always have three stats with 50 Single Values, which is the highest possible amount. Meanwhile, they can have between one and 50 SVs in Speed and between 20 and 50 SVs in their other stats.

How to improve Luma odds

A pair of Pocus, one of which is Luma.
A pair of untamed Pocus, one of which is Luma. | Provided by Humble Bundle

For interested Luma hunters, there are ways to increase the chances of meeting one of these rare Temtem. The simplest method is to visit Saipark, which features two Temtem species every week. About every other week, these monsters will be anywhere from two to four times more likely to be Luma.

In addition, players can up their odds with Temtem Radars, which they can earn by rematching Dojo Masters. Temtem Radars hone in on a specific evolutionary line, and defeating or capturing a member of that evolutionary line will create a chain. However, this chain will break if the player runs away from a member of the evolutionary line, or captures or defeats a Temtem from outside of the evolutionary line.

But, if the player can string together a long chain, the Luma odds for members of that evolutionary line will eventually improve. After 200 encounters, the Luma odds become five times higher. Then, after 300 encounters, the odds become 10 times higher. However, the Temtem Radar will break after 400 encounters or at the end of a week, giving players a relatively narrow window to take advantage of these improved chances.

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