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Once players get to the northernmost part of the map, the Mountaintop of Giants, in Elden Ring, they’ll likely come across a formidable boss named Commander Niall. The commander is found at Castle Sol, which is located at the northernmost point in the region. While Niall isn’t the hardest boss in the game, they conjure up some soldier summons that can make the boss fight insufferable to deal with. Because of this, one Elden Ring player has discovered the best way to cheese the commander.

In video games, “cheesing” something usually refers to making an objective easier by unconventional methods. So instead of using traditional ways to complete an objective, like taking down a boss, players find easier ways to get around the task. With Commander Niall specifically, though, players can use a strange and highly effective cheese method.

Cheesing Commander Niall in Elden Ring

The player to find this particular cheese method posted their “fight” with Commander Niall to the Elden Ring subreddit. The clip doesn’t need much explaining, so you can see for yourself how to take down Commander Niall without them putting up a fight below.

Couldn’t beat Commander Niall so had to do the ultimate cheese from Eldenring

From what it seems like, the player found a location outside of Castle Sol. At this location, it’s discovered that Commander Niall can be seen through a tiny window in his boss arena. Logically, the player in the clip equips a bow, aims in and lines up the reticle with the small window. Commander Niall takes around 36 damage with each hit and doesn’t move at all.

As players saw from the clip, as long as they have enough arrows in their inventory and a bow with decent damage, they can kill Niall eventually. The fact that this spot exists and that the commander doesn’t move when they get shot is what makes this cheese work. So if you’re struggling to defeat Commander Niall, you now have an easy and almost fool-proof way of killing them.

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