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The first season of Diablo 4 is quickly approaching, as is the introductory Battle Pass. The Battle Pass and seasons will work similarly to how they did in Diablo 3, with players being able to unlock new content by participating in the pass. There will be a free track as well as a paid track that gives players access to varying amounts of content.

However, the big question on every player’s mind is whether or not they will need to completely start from scratch and make a new character to participate in the Battle Pass.

This is how the system worked in Diablo 3; every time a new Battle Pass and season arrived, players needed to create an entirely new character in order to earn all of the new content, such as quests, Aspects, and cosmetics.

Making a new character for the Diablo 4 Battle Pass

While there was some ambiguity with this subject after Diablo 4 launched, a developer at Blizzard has recently cleared up any confusion. The developer stated that all of the new content available in Season 1 and on the Battle Pass will require players to access the Seasonal Realm.

Essentially, this means that, yes, players will need to create a new character to access the Season 1 Battle Pass. Although, the developer also clarified and said that new content such as unique items and new Aspects will be made available to players in the Eternal Realm. This means that players can keep their pre-Season 1 characters and still access this specific content.

So, if you were excited for the content on the Battle Pass, you will have to decide if it’s worth going through Diablo 4 again. This means redoing your build, possibly earning all of your Renown again, and resetting all of your gear. I, personally, will be sticking with my day one character, as I believe the grind is too lengthy to simply be rewarded with some cosmetics and boosts on the Battle Pass.

However, other players might have different opinions, especially after seeing all of the content available in the Season 1 update. You can see some of that content in our previous guides.

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