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One of the oldest debates in the video game industry is whether players should use a controller or a mouse and keyboard. In games that support both input devices, players are often at a crossroads for what to use if they’re used to both. The recent release of Sons of the Forest has renewed this debate, as players have the option of using both a controller or mouse and keyboard.

While some players thought Sons of the Forest would only support a mouse and keyboard, we can confirm a controller works perfectly fine. So even though the game is exclusive to PC, players can hook up a controller via Bluetooth or a USB cable and not have to use a mouse and keyboard. However, if you have the option of using either device, which one is the best for Sons of the Forest specifically? We answer that pressing question in the guide below.

Mouse and keyboard or controller for Sons of the Forest?

To keep things short, we highly recommend using a mouse and keyboard for Sons of the Forest. Since the game was designed specifically for PC, the developers made it so the PC keybinds are fluent and effortless for players to learn and use. The keybinds make sense, and the mouse sensitivity makes a real difference when fighting multiple enemies at once, as you can spin around quickly to attack different pursuers.

While you’re fully capable of using a controller, the controls aren’t nearly as intuitive as they are on mouse and keyboard. It can get very difficult to swap between weapons in your inventory quickly. Furthermore, trying to build structures on controller can be extremely difficult, as there are multiple buttons you need to press at the same time. All of this is simply easier on mouse and keyboard.

Of course, if you are fully used to using controllers over a mouse and keyboard, use one in Sons of the Forest. You can even try out both input devices to see which one feels more natural. For neutral players looking for the best experience, though, we recommend a mouse and keyboard.

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