Best food to feed Pals in Palworld
Best food to feed Pals in Palworld
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Best food to feed Pals in Palworld

Don't let your Pals go hungry

Just like your character in Palworld, your Pals need food in order to survive. Whether they’re working at your base or in your party, you have to keep all of your Pals fed if you want them to perform their best.

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However, there are only so many food items to go around in Palworld, and many of them don’t do a great job of keeping your Pals’ food bar up. As a result, many players have asked what food items they should be feeding their Pals so they don’t get hungry too often. You can find the answer to that question in my guide below.

The best food for Pals in Palworld

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There are dozens of food items you can either make or harvest in Palworld. Some food is harvested from a farm while others have to be created at a cooking station.

As you might expect, the food you can acquire from farms in your base, such as Red Berries, Tomatoes, Wheat, and Lettuce, is not what you ideally want to be feeding your Pals. While these food items are great for your character, they do almost nothing for your Pals unless you feed them 20-30 berries, wheat, etc. I still recommend having all of those food items in your inventory, though, as they can save your Pals’ food bar if you’re in a pinch. Those items are also great to have in Feed Boxes around your base as a secondary food option.

For the most part, though, you want to feed your Pals handmade food that you create at a Cooking Pot or Electric Kitchen. The most efficient food to make at one of these stations is a Pizza. You can’t make Pizza without an Electric Kitchen, which is unlocked at level 41 in the Technology menu. However, once you have the Electric Kitchen, you can start making all sorts of new food.

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One of those new recipes is for a Pizza, which requires the following ingredients:

  • x1 Flour
  • x2 Red Berries
  • x2 Tomato
  • x2 Milk

You can get Flour, Red Berries, and Tomato from your dedicated farms in your base. Although, Flour does require a Mill, as it turns Wheat into Flour with the help of a Watering Pal.

Finally, you just need Milk, which is easily earned by assigning Mozzarina to a Ranch in your base. I recommend assigning two or three Mozzarina to the Ranch and also using the Pal Condenser to increase a Mozzarina’s Farming Work Suitability from one to two. This makes the Pal produce much more Milk, increasing your Pizza output.

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Once you have everything set up, make sure you have a strong Kindling Pal in your base, like Jormuntide Ignis, to power the Electric Kitchen. This allows you to create Pizzas much faster.

After you have some Pizzas, you can either add them to your inventory, place them in Feed Boxes, or store them in a Cooler/Fridge. The Cooler/Fridge allows you to keep the Pizzas from spoiling, but they do require a Freezing Pal to operate. I recommend using Vanwyrm Cryst and assigning it to a Cooler/Fridge, as it’s nocturnal and keeps watch over the food at night.

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