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Diablo 4 Barbarian
Early Barbarian customization in Diablo 4. | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

Best Barbarian names for Diablo 4

See examples from the real world and the realm of fiction

Diablo 4 gives players the option to customize their gameplay experience by choosing to represent one of five classes, each with their own set of abilities and character customization settings. Given players have the option to set their characters’ names as well, the game provides players with multiple opportunities to create an avatar that is entirely their own.

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Barbarians are the short-range heavy hitters of the Diablo world. They possess the capability to wield up to four weapons at once — two one-handed weapons and two two-handed weapons — through their Arsenal system. In combat, Barbarians can also generate a resource known as Fury that enables them to power up their attacks.

As you think about creating your perfect in-game characters, here are some of the best Barbarian names to consider for Diablo 4.

Best real-world Barbarian names for Diablo 4

“Barbarian” is a term that originated in ancient Greece and has been used throughout history to refer to people who were considered to belong to a less civilized society. Given its broad connotations, it can be hard to identify what exactly qualifies as a barbarian. Nevertheless, there are several people in the real world who have borne the title of barbarian at some point.

Keep in mind that your character’s name can be up to 12 letters long. Here are some of the best historical Barbarian names to you can consider when naming your character in Diablo 4:

  • Male
    • Alaric
    • Arminius
    • Attila
    • Carolus
    • Charlemagne
    • Charles
    • Clovis
    • Dietrich
    • Erik
    • Gaiseric
    • Geiseric
    • Genseric
    • Genghis Khan
    • Gundahar
    • Gunthur
    • Hermann
    • Odoacer
    • Stilicho
    • Theodoric
    • Vortigern
  • Female
    • Boudica
    • Boadicea
    • Galla
    • Heanua
    • Kyrk-Kyz
    • Lannosea
    • Olympias
    • Placidia
    • Tomyris

Famous fictional barbarians

Conan the Barbarian
Diablo players may draw inspiration from Conan the Barbarian, who is perhaps the most well-known fictional barbarian. | Provided by Marvel Comics

Meanwhile, the fictional world has continually expanded upon the mythos of the barbarian, with numerous storytellers creating their own uncivilized and powerful warriors. While it is not always a consistent archetype, there are still plenty of fictional heroes and villains who we can look to as examples of barbarians.

Here are examples of some of the best potential Barbarian names in Diablo 4 that come from works of fiction:

  • Male
    • Adrian
    • Ax Battler
    • Cerebus
    • Cohen
    • Conan
    • Enkidu
    • Fafhrd
    • Gilius
    • Grignr
    • Groo
    • He-Man
    • Joe
    • Khal Drogo
    • Kull
    • Lost Viking
    • Santa
    • Slaine
    • Stoick
    • Tarik
    • Tarzan
    • Thundarr
    • Wulf
  • Female
    • Amiri
    • Artemis
    • Bonvica
    • Éowyn
    • Epona
    • Lagertha
    • Red Sonja
    • Scáthach
    • Sonja
    • Tyris

Keep in mind that Barbarians are one of only four options you have when selecting your class in Diablo 4. You could also opt to play out the game as a Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, or Sorcerer instead.

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