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For Diablo 4, the standard five classes from previous games in the franchise are coming back. As a reminder or players new to the franchise, here is a quick rundown of all the classes in Diablo 4. Out of the five classes, all will be playable in the open beta, so we have a full understanding of what each class brings to Diablo 4.

Starting in alphabetical order…


Best Diablo 4 Barbarian Builds – Skills, Stats, and Items | Attack of the Fanboy

The steretotypical tank build is back. Barbarians are known for getting up close and personal with their enemies, doing a lot of damage while taking it and holding their own. One of the newest mechanics in the game is for Barbarians only, known as the Arsenal system. Essentially, the Arsenal system allows Barbarians to equip multiple weapons at once, including legendary weapons. While strong in melee range, Barbarians are bad at range, so getting to enemies quickly is key.

Each class has a resource, and for Barbarians its called Fury. It builds off of attacks in combat, like previous games in the franchise, and goes away outside of combat. Some of the Barbarian’s key skills include Bash, Flay and Frenzy. These abilities generate Fury, helping lead to stronger abilities like Rend, Double Swing and Whirlwind.


While Druid is one of the classes just recently accessible in the Diablo 4 beta, the Druid is similar to Barbarians but with a little more of a magic touch. The most unique thing that Druids can do is shapeshift; transform into a super powerful animal to tear through their enemies. Alongside some wolf companions, the Druid can use the elements to his advantage while in their human form. This makes the Druid very versatile, whether you focus on the shapeshifting aspect or the elemental aspect.

The Druid’s resource is called Spirit, that builds up whenever they use their basic skills, like Shred, Maul and Wind Shear. Then, after building Spirit, they can unleash stronger skills, like Pulverize, Landslide and Tornado.


Necromancer Diablo 4
The Necromancer in Diablo 4. | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

As the other class joining the Diablo 4 beta, the Necromancer has consistently been a strong class thanks to its focus on companions. As you’d imagine of a Necromancer, the goal of this class is to build a small army of undead creatures to fight for you, on top of using skills to cast spells or attack with scythes. While they can fight melee, Necromancers use their sheer numbers and magic to outplay their opponents.

For Necromancers, they are different than other classes in Diablo 4 because have two key resources. The first is the standard spell-focused one, called Essence. It regenerates over time and is built from the Necromancers basic skills. However, the other key resource is Corpses, which you get from the dead bodies of your enemies. Collecting those allows the Necromancer to summon those skeleton companions and more.

Lastly, there are four different ways you can build a Necromancer: Blood, Bone, Darkness and The Army. Each focuses your Necromancer into an even more specific niche: either focusing on siphoning health from your opponents, area-of-effect spells or summoning a lot of skeleton allies.


Rogue Diablo 4
An early view of a Rogue dropping caltrops in Diablo 4. | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

Rogue is another playable class in the beta, focusing on hitting hard with critical hits from both near and far. Whether attacking with bows from range or with daggers up close, you can build a Rogue to do lots of damage. Plus, with specific class abilities like Combo Points, Shadow Realm and Exploit Weakness, Rogues can find out key information and do extra critical damage to their foes.

Their key resource is Energy, which after built, will allow them to use strong skills against their foes. Combo that with temporary invulnerability and forcing single-enemy fights from the Shadow Realm and imbuing weapons with magic damage, the complex Rogue class can prove very useful.


Last but not least, the Sorcerer is the most magic-focused class in the game, using their power to whittle down enemies from afar. One of the best aspects of the Sorcerer is its crowd control and the status affects they can apply to a ton of enemies. The downside to it is the Sorcerer’s health, as one of the classes with the lowest available health in Diablo 4.

As for key resources, the Sorcerer builds Mana slowly over time, regenerating passively. To compensate, only one of her basic skills gives her mana back. Out of those skills, including Lightning, Fire Bolt and Arc Lash, they can eventually learn and use poweful skills like Chain Lightning and Ice Shards. But, the bigger the skill, the more mana it takes to cast.

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