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Having a good support legend to back the team up during desperate times can mean the difference between winning and losing a match in Apex Legends, especially in Revelry where new perks were added to all the heroes in a specific class.  There might not be many of them on the roster, but even a single support legend can tilt a battle into their team’s favor if played properly.

Here are the four support class legends in the game ranked according to their relative usefulness in Season 16.

4. Loba

Apex Legends Loba
Provided by: Respawn Entertainment

Loba offers a completely different brand of help compared to the rest of the characters in her class. Instead of manipulating players in the match, she prefers to control the flow of loot instead. Her ultimate, Black Market Boutique, is designed for yoinking items in a large radius around a spot of Loba’s choosing, giving her and her team the opportunity to secure high-value guns, armor, and attachments before the enemy can.

Outside of looting, Loba can reposition herself in combat by using her tactical ability, which throws a bracelet that essentially acts as a translocator. Players can use this to escape dodgy situations or catch enemies by surprise by teleporting to unsuspecting locations. Loba’s value hinges entirely on securing items and outmaneuvering opponents, making her one of Apex Legends’ more unique Support characters.

3. Gibraltar

Apex Legends Gibraltar
Provided by: Respawn Entertainment

Gibraltar offers a nice balance between offense and defense. His primary utility comes from his ability to lay down his iconic dome shield and speedily revive teammates who have been downed. On the other hand, his passive and ultimate skills both contribute toward winning fights through aggression and Gibby’s sheer tankiness. His ability to effectively attack and protect makes him a reliable pick in solo queue, even more so when playing with a coordinated group. Gibraltar’s large hitboxes make him a little tougher to play as, however.

2. Newcastle

Apex Legends Newcastle
Provided by: Respawn Entertainment

Newcastle is a defense-oriented Legend who trades dueling power for extra utility. He can block incoming fire with his Mobile Shield and establish hardpoints anywhere on the map with his ultimate, Castle Wall. If needed, he can also drag a teammate to safety where they can be revived without any interruptions.

Newcastle creates offensive and defensive opportunities for his team while putting pressure on the enemy, and he works best when the entire squad is coordinating with each other. He has a bit more teamwide utility than the previous two legends, making him the better choice for players who want to prioritize helping allies out than dueling with enemies.

1. Lifeline

Apex Legends Lifeline
Provided by: Respawn Entertainment

Even with the nerfs she received in previous seasons, Lifeline remains the best support character in the game. She can do a little bit of everything that the rest of the heroes in her class can, whether it’s reviving teammates from relative safety or providing everyone with defensive gear to help them survive the next encounter.

Lifeline’s tactical ability, D.O.C. Heal Drone, lets the entire squad top their health off in between skirmishes or get that tiny bit of HP during a gunfight to hopefully clutch a win. She may not have much to offer in terms of tangible, bullet-blocking protection anymore, but Lifeline’s abilities are so good at keeping everyone alive that she’s still considered a top pick among the support class in Apex Legends Revelry.

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