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Mirage in the Apex Legends Revelry trailer
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All skirmisher class legends in Apex Legends Revelry ranked

Hit 'em hard, hit 'em fast.

Skirmishers are agile legends who use their movement abilities to reposition and outmaneuver enemies. They excel at hit-and-run tactics, and they’re typically the best picks for players who have already mastered movement in Apex Legends Revelry. The characters in this class are incredibly fun to play and about just as hard to fight against.

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However, some do rise above others in terms of objective power, and not all playstyles may cater to everyone. Here’s a look at each of the Skirmishers in Apex Legends, ranked according to their ease of use and effectiveness at the role they’re meant to do.

6. Mirage

Apex Legends - Mirage
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Mirage relies less on movement and more on playing mind games. He can’t move as quickly or secure flanks as effectively as the other Legends in this list, but he can turn a fight into a serious mess that’s tilted in his favor. Confusion is the name of Mirage’s game, and players need to learn how to use clones and invisibility to bamboozle their enemies in order to be effective. He’s a lot harder to use than most of the cast, but as with the rest of the legends, he can be an excellent pick as long as players know what they’re doing.

5. Horizon

Apex Legends - Horizon
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Though she isn’t as strong as she was in previous seasons, Horizon is still a go-to pick for many players because of her Gravity Lift ability and her superior control while in the air. She’s also the only Skirmisher with an ultimate ability that can lock enemies in place. Horizon’s penchant for verticality means players need to be extra aware of their mid-air movements. However, mastery of this skill means they’ll be able to outpace and outmaneuver anyone they come across.

4. Valkyrie

Apex Legends - Valkyrie
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Valkyrie is another expert in vertical movement. She can use her jet pack to reach places that other Legends would otherwise have difficulty getting to, allowing her to secure strong points and rain a barrage of disorienting missiles from above. Valkyrie’s ultimate also lets her team quickly move around the map for the sake of securing care packages (with help from the Skirmisher perk), reaching far-away circles, or third-partying ongoing fights for easy clean-up kills.

3. Pathfinder

Apex Legends - Pathfinder
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Pathfinder has one of the best movement abilities in the game, which comes in the form of his Grappling Hook. He can reach high ground and propel himself at incredible speeds through the proper use of this ability, but doing so isn’t as simple as it sounds. Players who can put the effort into learning how Pathfinder’s abilities work will eventually find themselves using one of the best characters in Apex Legends, but for the purposes of this list, he’ll be sitting just below the next two picks by virtue of his learning curve.

2. Octane

Apex Legends - Octane
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Octane is designed for players who want to go fast. He can run laps around enemies with his speed-boosting Stim Pack and cover large distances with his Launch Pads. Apart from knowing when and when not to stim, players don’t need to learn much or do anything complicated with this legend—just get in there and start blasting. He’s good at his job and very beginner-friendly. Plus, all of the crazy antics he can pull off make him one of the most fun characters to use in the game, assuming players can get used to his high-risk, high-reward fighting style.

1. Wraith

Apex Legends - Wraith
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Apex’s resident phase shifter is famous for her ability to vanish from thin air and create portals for her allies to use. Wraith also has the smallest hitbox out of all characters in the game, making her hard to hit and even harder to fight against. She’s easy to pick up and play for beginners, but she’s at her scariest when used by movement experts who can dance around their opponents while still landing accurate shots.

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