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MLB The Show 24 is arriving in mid-March of this year, and players need to know what systems the game is launching on. While it’s a foregone conclusion MLB The Show 24 is coming to PlayStation, will Nintendo Switch players get the chance to play?

Recent years have seen MLB The Show arrive on a variety of consoles and not just on PlayStation as it had for so long during the 2000s and 2010s. Sony has opened the door for Xbox players to join PlayStation users on the diamond. This also applies to those on Nintendo Switch, with MLB The Show 22 being the first title to arrive on the handheld console. However, will MLB The Show 24 follow the same trend and release for the Switch? Check out the guide below to find out.

Can you play MLB The Show 24 on Nintendo Switch?

MLB The Show 24 on Nintendo Switch
Image via Sony

Fortunately for anyone on Nintendo Switch, MLB The Show 24 has been confirmed to release on the console when the game launches on March 19. You can choose to preorder the game on the Nintendo eShop or wait for its release date to buy a physical copy.

MLB The Show 24 costs $59.99 on the Nintendo console and comes with five The Show Packs in the base edition. It doesn’t appear like any other editions are available for the Switch, though, so you’ll have to settle for the base edition.

If you’re planning on buying MLB The Show 24 for Nintendo Switch and another console, you’ll be happy to know that full cross-progression is available. This means you can access the same account across different platforms, so long as you purchase the game on whatever platform you’re playing on. For example, if you mainly play on PS5 but also want to access your account on the Switch, you need to purchase the game on both of those platforms.

In addition to cross-progression, cross-play is also available in MLB The Show 24. Even if you’re playing on the Switch, you can join your friends if they’re playing on PlayStation or Xbox.