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Nocturne Abigail Thorn

Who is Abigail Thorn the voice of in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of interesting characters, including NPCs, enemies, and potential party members. Because this game is so character driven, you probably noticed that there’s a lot of great voice actors behind the dialogue you hear throughout your journey. One of those voice actresses is Abigail Thorn.

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Abigail Thorn has taken on the role of a “sexy demon” known as Nocturne. Nocturne is an NPC you’ll encounter in Act 3, specifically found in the House of Grief in Cloister of Sombre Embrace, Lower City. She is part of the Familiar Face quest.

Nocturne is an old friend of Shadowheart and she will recognize her if you bring Shadowheart along with you. Shadowheart will declare they are enemies under certain circumstances, however. If you get on her good side, however, you can trade with her. Nocturne is full of stories about Shadowheart if you so choose to hear them.

“This place is all I’ve ever known. In time, perhaps I’ll venture out there, see what I’ve been missing. But for now…  old habits die hard,” Nocturne will say if you ask her to stay with you.

Who is Abigail Thorn in BG3?

When gamers first encountered Nocturne, many recognized her voice right away. That’s because Thorn is a famous YouTuber with over 1.3 million subscribers, known for her philosophical videos on a variety of topics as well as her soothing voice.

But Thorn is more than just a YouTuber, she pointed out earlier this year. She pointed out that she has trained as a voice actress, even going to school for acting. She said that YouTube was just a “side hustle” at first and most agents won’t even take that work into consideration when hiring her for roles, including for BG3.

Still, many fans hoped that her role in Baldur’s Gate 3 would inspire Thorn to make a YouTube video on Dungeons & Dragons “from the eyes of a philosopher” among other possible video concepts related to the game.