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Trolls are one of the most formidable enemies in all of Hogwarts Legacy, mostly thanks to their bulking frame and heavy attacks that can deal a ton of damage. While players will likely not relish seeing a troll pop up most of the time, there are some instances where players will need to find a troll. One of these instances is in Professor Onai’s Assignment 1, which calls for players to find a single Troll Bogeys item.

While players are able to buy Troll Bogeys from various shops across the map, most will try and take down a troll for themselves to secure the item. If you have chosen this route, then you’ll want to know where exactly to find trolls and troll bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy. If you keep reading the guide below, you will have your answer.

Finding Trolls in Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re just looking to secure a single Troll Bogeys item for Professor Onai’s Assignment, then the easiest way to find one is to complete the mission “The Helm of Urktott.” This main quest will be in your journal when you get Professor Onai’s first Assignment. At the end of this quest, you will fight a troll and be able to get Troll Bogeys upon completing it.

However, if you have already beaten this quest, then your best bet is to visit locations across the map that are marked by the cave icon. These caves hold the best chance for you to find a troll compared to other spots on the map. Although, if you keep doing main story quests, more than a few trolls will be making an appearance, so you could also wait until then.

Essentially, aside from the main story quests like The Helm of Urktott, there aren’t many surefire spots to find trolls. If you diligently search the caves in Hogwarts Legacy, though, you will certainly stumble across some of them.

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