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Limgrave the first region of Elden Ring that players will explore, and for a beginning area, it’s vast. The starting area will be fully uncovered if players open up their map, but they’ll quickly see that won’t be the case for long.

For example, if you travel south, you’ll see another area of Limgrave. Appropriately named South Limgrave, this region of Elden Ring requires a map to see it fully. This is true of all of the regions in the game, but South Limgrave might be more important for players since it’s one of the first locations available.

South Limgrave can be accessed by going south of the starting spawn point. Following the main road to the west and then following it south will lead you right to the entrance of South Limgrave. From here, you will face a blacked-out map as you try to traverse the landscape in front of you. Here’s how to fully reveal the area and know your way around South Limgrave.

Finding the South Limgrave map in Elden Ring

To start, you will need to cross the Bridge of Sacrifice to enter South Limgrave. This is the major landmark that separates the main part of Limgrave from its southern region. Once you cross that bridge, you’ll need to keep following the main road south. You can see the outline of this road if you view your map, despite it being blacked out.

As you follow the main road, you’ll discover a couple of Lost Graces, which you can rest at if you need to refill your flasks. The map of South Limgrave is located just beneath one of these Sites of Grace along the main road. There will be a merchant nearby the Site of Grace you need to be at. Look below for an image of the map so you can see exactly where to go.

Elden Ring South Limgrave map
Provided by FromSoftware

Once you’re at this site, go south through the blown open castle wall. Ahead of you, you will see a pillar with glowing text going up and down it. At the foot of this pillar is the map of South Limgrave. Don’t take too long picking it up, though, as there’s a giant cannon shooting arrows at you the entire time you’re doing this.

With the map now in hand, you can properly view the area around you.


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