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During any player’s time with Lost Ark, they’ll face a number of bosses out in the world. Some are a part of the main story and others are optional but offer tremendous rewards and experience. Rovlen is a world boss that’s required to defeat if you want to complete every piece of PvE content on the different continents in Lost Ark.

While other world bosses are somewhat tricky to locate, Rovlen is one of the easier ones to find. This is because the boss is rooted to the ground and doesn’t roam, meaning players can find its one location and battle the boss. However, there are some other aspects to keep in mind when looking for the boss. All of the information regarding Rovlen is viewable below.

Finding Rovlen in Lost Ark

Rovlen is the world boss for the continent of West Luterra. It’s located in the Bilbrin Forest, east of the Grayhammer Mine. On West Luterra, you can find Rovlen on the western side of the map, inside of a little inlet. The screenshot below shows exactly where you can find the boss.

Rovlen location in Lost Ark
Rovlen’s location in West Luterra. | Provided by Smilegate/Lost Ark Codex

Once you arrive at the boss’ location, you might find that it’s not in the open area it’s supposed to be. This is likely because another player has come along and defeated the boss themselves. Rovlen respawns every 30 minutes, so you’ll have to wait until it respawns for you to take it on.

If other players are waiting in the area when you arrive, you won’t be alone when Rovlen reappears to fight. All players in the area can fight the boss together and then reap the rewards that come from defeating it.

Rovlen is level 25, so you’ll need to come prepared in order to defeat it in Lost Ark. It’s wise to assume you’ll be fighting Rovlen alone, so bring whatever is necessary for the fight, head to West Luterra and get ready to take it down.

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