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Lost Ark has gone from a previously Korean-only title to being one of the most popular video games in the world. Developers Smilegate released the MMOARPG for western audiences on Feb. 11 and, since then, the game has been skyrocketing in popularity. It has hit one million viewers on Twitch and one million concurrent users on Steam in the first week of its release in the West. What’s arguably more impressive about these numbers is that all of this traffic has been on PC. Lost Ark does not yet have a console port but this has not stopped fans from wondering whether it’s coming.

Lost Ark on console

As of right now, the developers have no plans to bring Lost Ark to console, at least in 2022. If you visit Lost Ark’s website and go to the FAQ section, the developers say that “Lost Ark is only available on PC.” This answer is in response to the question “Will it only be on PC?” So it seems, for the time being, Xbox and PlayStation users will need to acquire a PC or wait in order to play Lost Ark.

This decision makes sense, especially considering that Lost Ark has been released since 2019 in Korea without a console release. Publisher Amazon Games is also not known for bringing its current slate of games to console. Amazon’s own MMORPG, New World, was only launched on PC in mid-2021. Amazon Games also does not currently have plans to deliver a console port for New World.

However, developer Smilegate did recently launch another title, CrossfireX, for the Xbox Series X|S. While the game hasn’t received great reviews, it shows that Smilegate has the capacity to release titles on consoles.

It doesn’t seem like Lost Ark will be arriving on either PlayStation or Xbox anytime soon, though. PC players will continue to solely enjoy the spoils of one of the most popular games in the world.

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