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Dragon-types are some of the strongest Pals you can use in Palworld, and, naturally, players want to know where they can find Dragon Eggs on the map. Dragon Eggs allow you to hatch your own dragon instead of going out and hunting for one, which can prove to be a timely and challenging endeavor.

Unfortunately, given how rare Dragon-types can be, finding a Dragon Egg is also no easy task. They are the rarest of all the eggs in Palworld and you’ll need to visit specific locations on the map to have a chance at snagging one for yourself. Luckily, the guide below shows you these locations so you know exactly where to go to hopefully find a Dragon Egg in Palworld.

Finding Dragon Eggs in Palworld

Every Pal that can hatch from a Dragon Egg in Palworld, listed
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At the time of writing, there only appear to be Huge Dragon Eggs on the map in Palworld. From what the community can tell, you can’t find a normal or Large Dragon Egg out in the wild, so you’re just on the lookout for the larger variety.

With that said, Huge Dragon Eggs tend to spawn at higher elevations in more dangerous parts of the map. Mount Obsidian is the best overall location to find Huge Dragon Eggs, as it’s high above sea level and features Pals at around levels 30-35. I recommend bringing a flying mount with you when traversing Mount Obsidian, which is located on the far western side of the map, as you’ll have to go up mountains and cliffs.

If you go to Mount Obsidian, be on the lookout for Huge Dragon Eggs on the edges of cliffs, in small nooks on the mountainside, and around lava. Players have also reported finding Huge Dragon Eggs at the Fisherman Village on Mount Obsidian (coordinates: -480, -745) as well as the abandoned fortress located on the north side of the mountain.

As for other locations around the map, Huge Dragon Eggs will be almost nonexistent in any region with Pals below levels 25-30. So, you want to make sure whatever region you’re traveling has high-level Pals if you’re looking for a Huge Dragon Egg.

If you manage to find a Huge Dragon Egg, you can check out my previous guide that goes over every possible hatch from a Dragon Egg in Palworld.