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Earlier this week, EA and Respawn Entertainment fully revealed all of the changes and additions fans can expect in Apex Legends Season 14. The season is named “Hunted,” and the newest legend coming to the battle royale is Vantage, a scout legend that’s proficient with a sniper. There were also some smaller changes announced, including the return of King’s Canyon, along with some tweaks, and an increased level cap. All this, and Season 14: Hunted itself, will drop Aug. 9.

The start of Apex Legends Season 13 was May 10, which was just under three months ago. This is roughly the normal length for a season of Apex Legends. Season 13 delivered Newcastle as a legend, Ranked Reloaded and alterations to the Storm Point map. Respawn Entertainment is taking a similar approach with Season 14.

Apex Legends Season 14 release date

Apex Season 14 will launch on Aug. 9, which is nearly three months to the day after Season 13 was released. This means that the Season 13 Battle Pass will expire on Aug. 9 as well, giving players less than a week to unlock any more tiers of content. After the pass expires, all of its content won’t return to Apex Legends.

When Season 14 does launch, fans will be able to unlock Vantage, start a new Battle Pass, hop back into a revamped King’s Canyon, and grind more levels. Of course, players can also expect more content to be added throughout the season. Some fans have speculated that the leaked “Moon” map will arrive in-season but Season 15 seems like a more reasonable launch date.

We’ll be sure to update players with any more news regarding Apex Season 14 and future seasons.

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