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Many fans of battle royale Apex Legends have wondered when the mobile version’s release date will be. The answer to that question isn’t exactly straight forward, since there is currently a closed beta in progress for the game on Android devices. But what about the full release across both mobile platforms?

When is Apex Legends Mobile’s release date?

Currently, Respawn has not announced a concrete release date for the mobile version of Apex Legends. The game is anticipated for some time in Q3 of 2022 (anywhere between July and September), but there hasn’t been an actual confirmation of this from the developers at Respawn or publisher EA.

Some players in select countries have been able to participate in a closed beta test of the Android version of the game ahead of the full mobile release. These players had to participate in a pre-registration process and have access to a device running Android 6.0 or later. The countries that were allowed to participate are: Colombia, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines and Turkey.  Respawn has stated that the beta will expand to other countries and devices as the testing and development of Apex Legends Mobile continues, but for now fans just have to keep track of updates via the game’s Twitter account.

What we know about Apex Legends Mobile

According to Respawn, the mobile version of its popular battle royale will also be a free-to-play game. Like the console and PC versions of the game, the mobile version will include battle passes, collectible cosmetics and other unlockables.

Due to the fact that Apex Legends mobile is being developed specifically for mobile platforms, this iteration will not have cross play with the PC and console versions. When the game first launches, only World’s Edge will be available as a map, and only a few of the original Legends will be playable.

Those looking for more Apex action in the meantime can check out the Season 12: Defiance, which is coming in February.

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