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A new season of Apex Legends is here and, much like its predecessor, Defiance is driven by interpersonal drama between Legends. This time, instead of focusing on Horizon and Ash, the season is all about the new competitor, Mad Maggie, and our favorite explosives expert, Fuse. The pair have a long history together, one that has already gotten the other participants of the Apex Games involved. Now that Maggie has entered the arena herself, things will likely only become more wild from here.

Mad Maggie and Fuse’s Apex Legends backstory

These two characters share a past that’s deeply intertwined. Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy and Margaret “Mad Maggie” Kōhere were friends as children, growing up on the planet Salvo, long before either had picked up those monikers.

The pair were inseparable as youths and made for a formidable mercenary duo. But, as they got older, Maggie and Fuse’s goals started to diverge. The former aspired to become Salvo’s next ruling warlord, while the latter felt the call of the planet’s gladiatorial arena, the Bonecage.

As Maggie threw herself completely into Salvo’s independence movement, Fuse became the oldest competitor in the Bonecage at 51, racking up 21 victories in a row. Despite his success in competitive combat at home, Fuse had his sights set higher: The Apex Games.

Unfortunately for Fuse, because Salvo wasn’t part of the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds (a group of planets in the Outlands ruled by the Mercenary Syndicate that run the Apex Games), he wasn’t allowed to compete. This changed when Salvo joined the original six Syndicate planets, however. Fuse was chosen as the next Legend to debut in the Apex Games as a representative of the newly joined planet.

Angered by Salvo joining the Syndicate and Fuse’s upcoming departure, Maggie pulled the pin on a golden grenade she and Fuse had found as children and threw it at him, blowing his arm off. Unsurprisingly, Fuse left Salvo after that to pursue the Apex Games, replacing his lost arm with a robotic prosthetic.

King’s Canyon and Armageddon

During his debut in the Apex Games, Mad Maggie hacked the ship Fuse was coming in on and demanded that the other Legends provide her with his other arm, or else. When Walter tried to defy her, she used the ship’s weapon systems to blast at the gathered spectators. Though he managed to shut the ship down, Maggie had another trick up her sleeve. She had previously rigged explosives throughout King’s Canyon, which she triggered and caused enough devastation to completely alter the map.

After the King’s Canyon crash, Fuse was willing to just give Maggie his other arm, but Bloodhound convinced him to go after her instead. With Lifeline in tow, they pursued Mad Maggie but were ambushed by her. The trio managed to escape after Fuse refused to return to Salvo, but now all of the Legends were in Maggie’s crosshairs.

Fuse attempted to sneak away to chase Maggie on his own, but Lifeline and Bloodhound once again accompanied him. As the trio took off, a missile took their ship right back down. All of them managed to escape and, upon landing, Mad Maggie initiated another confrontation. Fuse tried to make his old friend understand why he wanted to leave one last time, but she wouldn’t have it. Maggie attempted to blast Fuse and the other Legends with her ship’s guns, but he managed to stop it with a grenade.

The resulting explosion sent both flying and they ended up dangling off a ledge. Though Fuse tried to offer her his arm, Maggie refused and fell to what Fuse assumed was her death.


In the present, at the start of Season 12, Maggie has been captured by the Syndicate (presumably Salvo has been annexed for good this time) and is sentenced to death by combat in the Apex Games. The other participants remember her none to fondly, and almost everyone is ready to try and take her down.

While running from the other Legends, Mad Maggie stumbles upon Octane’s father Eduardo Silva uploading something called the “Defiance” program onto a computer underneath the Olympus map. He implies that he intends to let Maggie take the blame for whatever is going to happen next before ejecting her from the lab.

Octane and Lifeline accept Maggie into their squad (since they have no choice) and, after Maggie reveals what she saw, the trio are poised to begin the investigation into what, exactly, Eduardo is up to. Fuse and Maggie are also set up to continue their feud in the arena. Fans will need to check out Defiance’s time-locked episodes to see how the plot plays out.

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