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Picking the class for you is one of the toughest choices to make in Last Epoch, but choosing your mastery after playing the class for 20 levels might be even tougher.

If you chose the Sentinel then you’ll have the ability to pick between three classes the Paladin, Void Knight, and Forge Guard. Each of these classes has their own unique skills and styles. The Void Knight is for those who want to deal huge damage with a two-handed weapon while the Paladin focuses on healing and buffing allies, and the Forge Knight is all about armor.

For those struggling to make a selection here are our thoughts on what is the best Sentinel mastery to choose right now in Last Epoch.

What is the best Sentinel mastery in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch player with pet
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The best Sentinel mastery for Last Epoch players in our opinion is the Paladin as it is the most versatile with both damage and support abilities.

Paladins might not do the same raw damage that Void Knights do, however, they make up for this weakness with much more sustain thanks to magic skills. Using Judgement you can increase the healing of yourself and your allies, but also boost damage, armor, and much more. This move also has a short cooldown meaning you can keep it active for a majority of your battles.

Similarly, the move Holy Aura is a great way to buff yourself and your allies for battle adding further resistance and increasing damage. These skills are integral while you can continue using damage abilities available to all sentinels like Warpath, Hammer Throw, or Rive.

Like all classes, there’s a variety of ways that you can build the Paladin to suit your preferred playstyle, but having the power to buff and heal abilities is far better than the mastery exclusive bonuses that the Void Knight and Forge Guard.

If you’re struggling to pick a class and plan on playing solo then we would highly suggest picking the Paladin as it will provide you great damage and the sustainability to take on challenging battles solo.