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The fifth and final Pal Tower in Palworld is the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower, located in the northern Astral Mountains region on the map.

You can think of this as the final boss in the early access version of Palworld, as there are no more boss fights following this one. That might be a good thing too, as the boss inside the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower is the most formidable you’ll come across in the entire game. Victor and the intimidating Dark-type Shadowbeak are the bosses you challenge inside the tower, and you need to be at the right level before even thinking about challenging them.

The level for the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower in Palworld

Screenshot via Upcomer

Shadowbeak has a whopping 200,000 HP when you step into the tower, which is by far the most HP for any tower boss in Palworld. For reference, Faleris at the PIDF Tower, the fourth Pal Tower, only has 147,000 HP.

While it’s the easy answer, there’s no getting around that you and your entire party need to be at the maximum level 50 for the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower boss fight. Shadowbeak will dismantle you and your team in an instant if your Pals aren’t at level 50. Even if you have a team of all Dragon-types, which deal super-effective damage against Shadowbeak, the boss has devastating attacks that make type coverage irrelevant.

I also recommend trying to breed Pals with superior passive skills, as you need every edge you can get during this fight. Of course, you can try the fight first and see where you stack up against Shadowbeak. I tried the fight at level 50 with a team of dragons, including Astegon, Jormuntide, Jetragon, Orserk, and Blazamut (who knew Dragon-type attacks), and only managed to last five minutes before succumbing to the Dark-type boss.

You’ll want to keep testing the fight to learn Shadowbeak’s attacks and strategies, but with enough luck and perseverance, you’ll hopefully defeat the boss and capture the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower in Palworld.