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As you continue to progress in Diablo 4, you will start to see some new items as loot drops. From Nightmare Sigils to Glyphs for your Paragon Board, these items only become available after you have completed the main story and beaten the first Capstone Dungeon to reach World Tier 3. In addition to those items, you will also start to see Sacred Legendary pieces of gear in Diablo 4, which are not truly explained in-game.

Sacred gear is almost identical to regular legendary gear, but players will notice that its box glows in the inventory. Also, players might also notice that the gear sells for much more and can be salvaged for rarer crafting materials. If you’re looking for an answer as to exactly what this gear is Diablo 4, then look no further — I have you covered in the guide below.

Sacred weapons and gear in Diablo 4

Sacred gear Diablo 4
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Essentially, Sacred gear is a step-up in terms of rarity and strength from regular legendary items in Diablo 4. Most pieces of Sacred gear feature better affixes, rarer Aspects, and better overall stats than their legendary counterparts. Obviously, this means they’re overall rarer than regular legendary items. They can also only be looted once players have completed a specific requirement in Diablo 4.

In order to loot Sacred gear, players need to be on at least World Tier 3. This is unlocked after defeating the Nightmare Capstone Dungeon following the completion of the main story. Once you are on World Tier 3, you will begin to see Sacred gear drop from bosses, random enemies, and as quest rewards from the Tree of Whispers, among other places. You will immediately know if it’s Sacred or not since the word will appear in parentheses after the gear’s name once it drops.

In most cases, you want to eventually replace all of your legendary gear with Sacred pieces if it makes sense. However, not even Sacred gear is the highest rarity in Diablo 4, as that title belongs to Ancestral items. You can read about how to acquire those types of gear pieces in our previous guide. However, for half of your endgame run in Diablo 4, Sacred gear will work just fine.