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Apex Legends season 2 begins today. Respawn is bringing new content, map changes, a new weapon, and a new Legend. Good things are also on the way for those Apex players who love colorful cosmetics. Twitch and Respawn have teamed up for another Twitch Prime Loot drop, this time for Wattson.

As you can see below, the incoming cosmetics for Wattson are reminiscent of Pathfinder’s best skin, Unicornicopia.

Wattson twitch prime unicorn rainbow skin Apex Legends

The second exclusive cosmetic is for Apex Legends‘ Season 2 flagship weapon, the L-Star. The legendary weapon will have the highest DPS in the game, and this skin lets players melt enemy squads with flair.

Both cosmetics are part of the second Twitch Prime promotional event. That means they are only available to Twitch Prime members. We don’t know yet if the drop will come with free Apex Packs like the previous one. It’s possible that the second cosmetic will be a substitute for the packs.

How to get the new cosmetics

These two exclusive cosmetics are only the beginning. During yesterday’s Twitch Rivals Elite Queue tournament, it was announced that there are four “in-game content drops” planned for Season 2. That means players will get at least three more exclusive cosmetics over the course of this Apex Legends season. The content drop becomes available tomorrow and will likely be accessible for at least a week, until the next content drop.

Apex Legends twitch prime l-star skin

So how do you get the flashy new rainbow skins? All you need to do is link your Twitch Prime account to your Origin account. Then you get to claim the loot on Twitch. Next time you log into Apex Legends, the cosmetics will be unlocked.

It’s possible that the second wave of exclusive cosmetics will come as early as July 13. That’s when Twitch will hold their Apex Legends streamer tournaments in Las Vegas and London — stay tuned for more information coming soon!