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Traditionally, the Flatline assault rifle has been one of the most balanced weapons in Apex Legends. Season after season, the heavy-ammo rifle has always been in the middle to top of anyone’s weapons list. However, in Apex Legends Season 6, it’s become of the better guns to pick up in the game. Many players used to occasionally equip the Flatline, yet they never went out of their way to find one. With Season 6 though, it’s easily one of the top three weapons you’ll see used. That’s because it seems like Flatline received a quiet buff in Apex Legends Season 6.

The Flatline buff in Apex Legends

It seems to have become commonplace for developers to not include every change made in an update. Developers of games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone have often left out key pieces of information in patch notes.

Respawn Entertainment wasn’t thought to take part in this practice. However, with the new and improved Flatline, players are starting to second guess the developers’ intentions. A video was put on YouTube by creator Zeus. In the video, he goes over the Flatline’s new recoil, which appears to have been reduced when it comes to horizontal kicking.

The video also claims that other weapons received a buff in Apex Legends Season 6. Although, the most notable is the Flatline, as its side-to-side recoil looks to have been completely revamped. Longtime fans of the rifle will understand why this is such a big change. The Flatline has always had great damage but noticeable recoil. Without much kick, however, the gun turns into a deadly force.

There’s no comment from the Respawn developers on why some changes were omitted from the Season 6 patch notes. Hopefully, some more information will come to light within the next few days/weeks.

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