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Since late 2020, hackers, cheaters and even teamers have swarmed the Apex Legends Ranked game mode, often rendering it near impossible to play.

In Apex Ranked reaching Predator, boasting a number next to your name, or hitting Master are some of the ultimate achievements. It can result in financial gain for content creators or help aspiring pro players sign for organizations. But the whole experience has been dismantled by hackers. They roam high tier lobbies, stopping Predator, Master and even occasional Diamond games from functioning as they should.

A game mode that should be the perfect outlet for a player’s competitive juices is now staring down the barrel of irrelevance.

So here is The Rise and Fall of Apex Legends Ranked.

The Rise

In July of 2019, Apex legends developer Respawn introduced its ranked playlist to kick off Season 2. Players had enjoyed five months of learning Apex’s smooth mechanics, working out the gun meta and finding their favorite legend. But, it was time to put the new skills to the test. Immediately, the Apex community was grinding, building their RP and climbing the ranks in effort to earn those coveted ranked rewards. 

In the following seasons, Respawn added the Master tier; leaving Predator exclusive for the top 500, and then later the top 750 players on each platform. Ranked ushered in a whole new style of playing. No longer could a trio simply run with random legends and dominate. Instead, they had to utilize a variety of abilities, ensuring that team composition was as strong as possible. Movement and defensive legends became the go to. Wraith’s portal, Pathfinders zipline or Gibraltar’s dome were staples in the majority of high level ranked lobbies. 

Experience The Rise and Fall of Apex Legends Ranked by watching the video above or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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