Ubisoft announces Skull and Bones gameplay showcase event
Skull and Bones
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Ubisoft announces Skull and Bones gameplay showcase event

Skull and Bones is finally on display for all to see

Developer and publisher Ubisoft announced Tuesday that it will host two new showcase events for later in 2022. The first of, which will take place on July 7, will officially show off new Skull and Bones gameplay.

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Skull and Bones was originally announced way back in 2017 but has been quiet for the most part over the years. The game has reportedly gone through a couple of delays, which is why fans have never truly seen gameplay of the upcoming open-world title. The second showcase event will be a Ubisoft Forward that provides updates and new looks at several different projects. That Ubisoft Forward will take place on Sept. 10.

It’s unclear exactly how much gameplay of Skull and Bones fans will get to see come July 7. All Ubisoft had to say on the matter was “the very first Ubisoft Forward Spotlight On Skull and Bones will provide an in-depth look at the upcoming open world multiplayer pirate game inspired by the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy.”

If fans missed the past gameplay demos, Skull and Bones is an open world game set on the Indian Ocean. Players will act as pirates, controlling their own ship and crew and pillaging other ships. Of course, other ships will also be able to board the player’s ship, so there will be ship battles with cannons and other weaponry. The current information we have also states that the game primarily takes place on the water. Players won’t get to explore the land very much in their exploration. Although, players can harvest certain items from the land without having to get off their ship.

Lastly, we’re not exactly sure of the plot and story for the pirate open world game as of yet. It could be an extremely loose structure, allowing fans to explore the open seas without hindrance from story elements. However, this is Ubisoft, so fans should likely expect at least some plot points to come into play along the way. Fans can tune in to see the full gameplay showcase for Skull and Bones on the Ubisoft Twitch or YouTube channels.

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