Tweek 'down bad' after use of uncensored Mythra mod

Tweek ‘down bad’ after use of uncensored Mythra mod

The local Smash tourney was accused of being 'shameless'

Pro Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey caused an uproar after playing with an uncensored Mythra mod in a Philadelphia local.

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Pyra and Mythra from the Xenoblade series were one of the last DLC fighters to join the giant Ultimate roster. While fans were excited at the announcement, they immediately noticed that the characters’ appearances were “nerfed” by the Smash team. Their outfits were noticeably less revealing than they are in Xenoblade, which caused a bit of controversy at the time.

Despite Pyra and Mythra excelling in competitive tournaments and being considered OP, players couldn’t stop thinking about the less revealing outfit in Smash. In response, some players have modded their copy of Ultimate to include the uncensored version of Mythra.

Mythra outfit change

While Smash players choosing to opt for the cleavage-bearing Mythra while playing at home isn’t much of an issue, some were not fans of the mod being used by a prominent Smash player during a streamed tournament late over the weekend. The CN:B-Airs #338 tournament was broadcast on Twitch, allowing players from all over the world to oggle Mythra in her original outfit.

It did not go unnoticed by viewers. Screenshots of Mythra in her revealing outfit were shared all over Twitter, with one Smash player jokingly calling the tournament “shameless.” The viral screenshot wound up on Reddit, where Smash players had mixed reactions to the mod being used in a tournament.

Some players admitted they liked the censored version more, adding the darker tights made her more visible on some maps. Others just felt it was plain old stylish. One player admitted they never knew her original outfit was thatย revealing, agreeing with Smash devs on the decision to censor it.

But most Smash players were reminded of their original frustration with the change. Many wondered why the mod couldn’t always be used and applauded the local for using it. Some players even said they wished more tournaments would use mods in general. And, of course, one jokingly called out Tweek for his character choice and said the Smash pro must be “down bad.”

The Smash community probably won’t see Mythra’s modded self in majors like Super Smash Con later this month. Nintendo is already quite strict with Melee and Ultimate, cracking down on Project M side tournaments and pulling Melee and Ultimate from big events like Evo 2022.