Queer Women of Esports launches programs for marginalized groups
Queer Women of Esports official launch
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Queer Women of Esports launches programs for marginalized groups

Today, Queer Women of Esports announced an official launch stream to make gaming a more inclusive and equitable place for the LGBTQIA+ community. The 12-hour long stream kicks off at noon EST on Feb 27.

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Queer Women of Esports is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that soft launched on June 14 of 2020 as an outlet for everyone in the gaming scene. This includes women, people of color and everyone under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.

“Although we’re ‘Queer Women of Esports,’ we support all marginalized genders, races and individuals,” said COO,  Gillian Linscott

Organizations like Cloud9 and Dignitas are beginning to break these walls down by signing all-female rosters. One of the most notable signings was Cloud9 White, an all-female professional Valorant roster. Cloud9 weren’t the first all-female roster in esports, but they made headway with their performance at Valorant tournaments. They are also the first known all-female roster to have a transgender woman as a player.

Queer Women of Esports take the initiative in the gaming community

The organization is doing much more than showing women in esports the path to success. It currently hosts two panels during the week to involve everyone in the community. Its ‘Let’s Gayme’ event happens every Wednesday on Twitch, where participants can play/watch women and members of the community play their favorite games. The organization is also there to answer any questions community members may have regarding gaming and esports. Those interested can also catch its industry-focused education panel on Twitch every Friday. This panel consists of prominent figures in the esports scene that are there to share their own stories and answer community questions.

After their soft launch, Queer Women of Esports released the first-ever queer and BIPOC focused mentorship program in September which focuses on the overall goal it is trying to achieve.

“We’ve done one diversity, inclusivity, and equity with industry leaders where we got together to discuss the more pressing issues that intervals breaking into esports or looking to compete at a higher level face,” Linscott said.

Queer Women of Esports is also launching its second mentorship program in June, alongside its ‘Build a PC’ program. More information about Queer Women of Esports will be available during their official launch stream on Twitch.

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