Could shroud be hinting at a professional career in Valorant? Latest teaser says yes
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Could shroud be hinting at a professional career in Valorant? Latest teaser says yes

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One of the biggest mysteries in the world of gaming just got a whole lot more mysterious, as Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has teased the community yet again. It’s been quite some time since the star streamer went live in any capacity. With Mixer shut down in July, the former CSGO professional was left without a home. Many thought his return would be to Twitch or YouTube, but that’s apparently on the backburner. Instead, it seems shroud is hinting at a possible professional career in Valorant with his latest Twitter teaser.

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Shroud moving to Valorant?

Up until late last month, the former Mixer streamer hadn’t said a word on social media. His last tweet before July 30 was on June 22 and simply thanked his community after the news of Mixer went public. Of course, then July 30 came around and everything changed.

Shroud decided to post a cryptic GIF of an assault rifle with some Valorant footage in the background. No one knew what this meant at the time, as the GIF didn’t offer much insight. Some thought it was shroud announcing his comeback to the streaming world. However, others guessed that the former CSGO pro was hinting at something more.

During yesterday afternoon, some fans’ guesses may have turned out to be accurate. Shroud posted yet another GIF with the same design, although this time a knife was involved. Of course, Valorant footage was still being shown which is why a majority now believe the streamer is set to go pro in the FPS.

While nothing is confirmed by anyone, it’s hard to imagine these teasers resulting in anything else. Shroud was loving Valorant prior to his break from streaming and has experience competing at a professional level in an FPS game.

At this time, we have no idea if there are more teasers on the way or if an announcement is incoming. However, some are saying because of Cloud9’s recent response to shroud, that the announcement could be a team reveal for Valorant.

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This story is far from over. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any developments here at Daily Esports.

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