Benjyfishy cheating accusations sprout after FNCS - Upcomer
benjyfishy cheating accusations

Benjyfishy accused of cheating in Fortnite Champion Series event

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After commenting on the recent Fortnite hacking scandal, Benjamin “benjyfishy” Fish was himself accused of cheating just this past weekend. The recent hacking incident pointed out that it’s not always easy to see cheating in action. After watching benjyfishy’s performance at the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) event over the weekend, many viewers wondered if the popular streamer was also cheating using undetectable methods.

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Fortnite cheating can take many forms, whether it’s with an aim-bot or teaming up with other players in a solo competition. The latter is difficult to prove and isn’t always detectable. And as observers recently saw, the former can also be deceiving. If a pro is caught doing either, they can expect the banhammer.

Benjyfishy teaming accusations

Observers accused Benjyfishy of teaming at the competition on August 1 and 2. Angry viewers and fans slammed his Twitter account with the same video over and over as proof of his cheating. The flood of accusations could not be ignored, prompting benjyfishy to comment about it on his stream.

Benjyfishy played the video clip in his stream; after explaining what he was doing, he then laughed about the accusations in the end. The clip shows benjyfishy fighting another player one-on-one, and he backed off after the opponent weakened him. At that moment, bengraal came over and attacked the opponent, not benjyfishy.

“I heard this guy, so what I did… I crouched so he couldn’t hear me,” benjyfishy explained. As bengraal entered the fight, benjyfishy kept quiet. “He doesn’t know I’m in there. Why would he not just [go to] the player out there that he can see?”

While the two of them continued to pummel each other, benjyfishy did what any wounded warrior would do: escape out the back. His original opposition thus accused benjyfishy of teaming up with bengraal.

“I guess I’m teaming with bengraal,” benjyfishy laughed. “I can’t be a**ed, man, how can he think I’m f***ing teaming?”

Considering benjyfishy finished in first place during the Week 2 finals, thereby bringing home $5k in winnings, these accusations seem to be sour grapes. Since he’s qualified for the Grand Finals, there’s no doubt that the cheating microscope will be squared firmly upon him.