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TSM have officially signed American player Evan “Verhulst” Verhulst to their Apex Legends squad. This former Esports Arena and Team Intel player joins TSM as their third, fitting into the missing spot and completing the roster for the time being.

Verhulst’s path to TSM

Verhulst began competing in the Apex Legends esports scene in May 2021, in weekly and qualifying tournaments in North America. After winning a qualifier at Esports Arena: Series E Season 3 Qualifier #4 for team Dudes Night Out, the squad started drawing attention. That trio was picked up by Team Intel afterward, competing together until September in similar tournaments in North America. At the same time, under their original squad’s name, they won at the NA Apex Legends Global Series: Preseason Qualifier #1, their biggest win at the time.

In Oct. 2021, the team moved from Team Intel to Esports Arena, where the team continued to climb. On his standard Valkyrie pick, Verhulst continued to compete against better opponents, reaching third place at the first split of the ALGS in NA. Around the same time, TSM’s interest in Verhulst led to a departure from Esports Arena. After some time playing for TSM, they made it official after a couple of tournaments on the roster.

TSM’s future

For teams in Apex Legends esports, TSM have been among the top teams in North America. Their most recent success has been third place at the ALGS Championship 2021 for NA. However, that was with a player that has since left the organization, Eric “Snip3down” Wrona. After proving his success in moving esports, Snip3down went back to Halo esports for Infinite‘s rejuvenated scene. So, despite the move involving Verhulst being essentially confirmed before Snip3down’s departure, Verhulst is now starting for sure.

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