Three unique comp choices at the ALGS Split 2 playoffs
Screenshot of Loba from season 8. She was used in the ALGS Split 2 playoffs
Screenshot of Loba from season 8 | Provided by EA

Three unique comp choices at the ALGS Split 2 playoffs

The meta of professional Apex Legends varies pretty significantly depending on region and that was fully on display during the Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 playoffs. The Asia Pacific teams showed off Crypto/Wattson compositions, while North American and Europe, Middle East and Africa teams went with more Gibraltar and Valkyrie focused teams. But for all the squads that went with by the books comps, there were a few that went with some surprising Legend choices during the ALGS Split 2 playoffs.

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Team Empire debut Mad Maggie on the global stage at the ALGS Split 2 playoffs

Mad Maggie is Apex’s latest Legend, and since there hasn’t been a LAN event for the ALGS in over two years, she’d never been played on the international stage. Team Empire changed that on Saturday in the bracket stage. The former MajorPushers squad used Maggie during their Split 2 playoffs run, and many fans thought they were trolling throughout the competition, as they also brought out Seer for one game.

ImperialHal on Caustic

The so-called “CEO” of Apex Legends, TSM’s Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen is a veteran of the scene and can do just about anything. That said, it was more than a little surprising to see him on Caustic during the bracket stage and again in the first games of Sunday’s grand finals on World’s Edge. ImperialHal usually runs the more aggression and movement focused Wraith to complement his teammates’ Gibraltar and Valkyrie picks. TSM aren’t practiced with ImperialHal on the more defensive Caustic, and it showed in their performance in the first two games of the finals, where they placed 15th and 20th, respectively.

Loba on World’s Edge

Though Loba has been seeing a lot more professional play on Storm Point, she’s not usually a Legend teams choose for World’s Edge. In the second game of the grand finals, both Spacestation Gaming and GMT Esports disregarded that and chose the teleporting thief for their squads. On SSG, Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez took on the looting support role, while Matthew “SirDel” Biggins chose her for GMT. GMT managed to come in second this game, while SSG placed 17th, so it’s unclearly how helpful or not she was in the comp, but it was fun to see all the same.