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The year is coming to a close, and so is Apex Legends’ last special game mode of the year: the Winter Express. So, before the train retires once again, here are three tips to help you capture the point just a little bit easier.

1. Watch your drop

Winter Express makes dropping onto the World’s End map more difficult than usual, due to the fact that you’re tying to hit a moving target in the train. Missing that target makes your life a whole lot more difficult, as you then have to chase it down across the map from wherever you end up. The easiest way to avoid this problem to to just make sure you land on or near the train the first time, but that’s easier said than done.

Though it may feel a little unnatural, take your time before you drop, especially if the ship is clipping, as it sometimes does. Taking the extra second to figure out where the train is and which way it’s heading can make all the difference in claiming the Winter Express for yourself.

2. Utilize the entire length of the Winter Express

While there’s one specific section of the train you’ll be looking to ultimately claim, that doesn’t mean it’s the only area you should hang out in. Each car has its own advantages and issues internally, but you can also use the roof and sides to get a leg up on your opponents. Normally, I’m a big fan of ratting, so I used to not even think about getting onto the roof — but it’s a solid strat if you can get up there before your opponents notice (though remember you are exposed up there). You can also use the areas on the sides and back of Apex Legends’ Winter Express to reset, reposition or flank your opponents.

3. Avoid sniper loadouts unless you’re really, really good

The whole premise of the Winter Express in Apex Legends is that it’s a contained space. Even smaller than the Arenas maps, this train is meant to force you closer to your opponents much faster than you would get in Battle Royale. Because of this, there are a lot fewer opportunities for long-range shots. Even if you’re all the way across the train from someone, it’s not going to be that long of a shot. The Winter Express also takes a lot of turns, which makes precision aiming that much harder. If you’re an incredible shot, hey, do you. But for the rest, I’d recommend a closer range loadout.

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