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After maintenance ended early Thursday morning, the shop in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel was updated. However, instead of new card packs, players are now able to find a new structure deck. “Rage of Cipher” is the third structure deck available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, joining the “Magician of Pendulum” and “Re-Contract Universe” decks that were available on release. This structure deck is xyz focused and relies on the “Galaxy-Eyes” archetype to summon big monsters. The description of the deck says: “Use Level manipulation effects to line up Level 8 monsters and call forth ‘Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon’!”. The deck is available in the shop for 500 gems and can be purchased three times. Here are the contents of the deck.

The full decklist for the Rage of Cipher structure deck
The full decklist for the Rage of Cipher structure deck. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/Konami.

The Deck


  • 1x Cipher Etranger
  • 1x Cipher Soldier
  • 1x Galaxy Mirror Sage
  • 1x Honest
  • 1x Galaxy Wizard
  • 1x Radius, the Half-Moon Dragon
  • 1x Galaxy Dragon
  • 1x Heliosphere Dragon
  • 2x Cipher Wing
  • 1x Cipher Twin Raptor
  • 1x Cipher Mirror Knight
  • 1x Storm Cipher
  • 1x Galaxy Cleric
  • 1x Cipher Biplane
  • 1x Parsec, the Interstellar Dragon
  • 1x Schwarzschild Limit Dragon
  • 1x Swordsman of Revealing Light
  • 1x Nebula Dragon
  • 1x Galactic Spiral Dragon


  • 1x Draconnection
  • 1x Galaxy Queen’s Light
  • 1x Galactic Charity
  • 1x Galaxy Cyclone
  • 1x Xyz Unit
  • 1x Dragon Shield
  • 1x Galaxy Wave
  • 1x Constellar Belt
  • 1x Cipher Interference
  • 1x Double Exposure
  • 1x Shrink
  • 1x Galaxy Storm
  • 1x Rank-Up-Magic Cipher Ascension


  • 1x Xyz Reborn
  • 1x Dimension Slice
  • 1x Double Cipher
  • 1x Cipher Bit
  • 1x Cipher Spectrum
  • 1x Back to the Front

Extra Deck

  • 2x Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon
  • 1x Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade
  • 1x Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon
  • 1x Galaxy-Eyes Cipher X Dragon

For players on the fence about purchasing the deck or just wanting to see what the cards can do, the Xyz Festival has a loaner deck that is based on this structure deck that’s called “Light’s Simulacrum.” This deck features many of the cards included in the Rage of Cipher structure deck like Cipher Wing, Rank-Up-Magic Cipher Ascension and of course the Xyz monsters.

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