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“Mozambique here!” The most annoying ping in Apex Legends, for the most memed weapon in the game. In Season 1, the memes highlighted how suicidally underwhelming it was. Now, they pay respects to a showstopper of a gun.

The Mozambique drill

Before you go on, check out our shotgun primer to get an idea of the Mozambique’s basic performance and usage. Bear in mind that it is not a normal shotgun, however. For one, it’s more mobile. While aiming down sights, player movement is not reduced at all. The only other Apex Legends guns with this level of mobility are the Wingman and P2020.

Apex Legends Mozambique concept art
As you can see from this early Mozambique concept, it could originally hold four shells per magazine.

The Mozambique is a finisher weapon. It fires in full auto and has the highest DPS in the class, as well as the best ADS accuracy. With its Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up equipped, it deals 50 percent higher damage to player health.

To compensate, it has the smallest magazine, with only three shells. The shotgun pistol is accurate and hits hard, but miss even one shot and you will find yourself running for your life.

Tips for using a Mozambique

Your priority attachment — aside from Hammerpoint Rounds — is a 1x or digital threat optic. You will be aiming down sights most of the time, so you want the best scope for the job. At up to 20 meters away, this gun still hits with enough force to down a player with a single clip.

The Mozambique at a glance | Apex Legends Gun Guides

The Mozambique gives you no incentive to hipfire it, and you shouldn’t. Its pellet spread opens up dramatically when hipfired. Treat it as a sort of extreme version of the Wingman: aim for the head and don’t hesitate. If your target remains upright, stay in cover while the Mozambique’s relatively long reload animation finishes.

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