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It feels like two eternities ago when the first L-Star leaks came out. After three months of Bloodhound teasing us with it from promo art, it’s finally almost here. The legendary weapon will make its Apex Legends debut on July 2 with the launch of the next season. Today Respawn treated us to a preview of the weapon changes coming in Season 2, and showed us what to expect from this monster of a gun.

Performance and drawbacks

Unlike the dragons that just entered the arena, the L-Star is a fire-breather. The weapon produces large, red, slow-flying projectiles. Apex Legends weapons designer Sean Slayback notes that, due to its slow projectile speed, the L-Star will take some careful leading at range.

Its projectiles are much larger than that of others weapons’, which means it will be fairly forgiving mid- and short-range. You might not get headshots, but you will hit. And considering this weapon will have extremely high DPS, it shouldn’t matter what you hit.

The experimental EMG’s fireballs will burn pretty hot apparently, and the weapon can overheat. The reveal trailer shows us that this happens if you hold the trigger for 30 shots without giving it a break. At that point its “lens breaks” and renders the gun unusable for a moment. Slayback notes that this is entirely preventable if the user fires in controlled bursts. The L-Star is the first Apex Legends weapon with an overheat mechanic.

Extremely powerful and very rare

Players will only find L-Stars in supply drops. In the same blog post Respawn also noted that different legendary weapons will spawn at different rates over the course of a match. For example, late-game supply drops will be more likely to bring a Mastiff, as the uber-shotgun is more suited for the close-range firefights of the late game. We don’t know yet if this spawn discrepancy will affect the L-Star.

The weapon comes with 180 rounds, and it has to reload after every 60 shots. No additional ammo can be found. Something tells me there will be a lot of fighting around supply drops in Season 2 of Apex Legends.

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