The best Void 3.0 aspects and fragments for Warlocks in The Witch Queen

The best Void 3.0 aspects and fragments for Warlocks in The Witch Queen

Create the ideal build for your Warlock in Destiny 2's latest expansion

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen brought with it Void 3.0, an overhaul to the Light-based subclass that gives Guardians the kind of variety they had with the release of Stasis subclasses.

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Void 3.0, like Stasis, gives players a bevy of alterations and bonuses for their Void-powered abilities, from making enemies explode when they die to boosting damage and debuffing opponents. For Warlocks, the familiar Devour buff is better than ever and things like Void Souls bring a new way to play around with Rifts.

We already took a look at Titan builds with Void 3.0. Now, let’s check out what The Witch Queen and Void 3.0 have to offer Warlocks and what abilities, aspects and fragments to pick to get the most out of the updated system.

The Witch Queen's Void 3.0 brings new aspects, abilities and fragments to Warlocks.
Void 3.0, like Stasis, gives players a bevy of alterations and bonuses for their Warlocks’ Void-powered abilities. | Provided by Bungie

Some top picks for Void 3.0 Warlock builds

While Titans are more focused on bolstering their support abilities and buffing up their teammates, Warlocks should be locked in on burst damage and clearing the room to lend a hand to their fellow Void enthusiasts.

Devour is the name of the game here. The mechanic is more accessible with aspects and fragments, and the perks, including restoring health on melee kills and recharging grenades faster, are too good to pass up on an ability-heavy class like the Warlock.

Empowering Rifts are more viable than ever, too, with the inclusion of the Void Soul. Once a Void Soul attaches to an enemy, it weakens them and it has additional effects depending on the type of rift you use. If you’re on Healing Rift, it regenerates your grenade and melee abilities faster, meaning more Void explosions. Big fan of those. The more interesting perk, however, is what it does for Empowering Rifts. Damaging enemies weakened by a Void Soul heals Guardians in an Empowering Rift.

Couple that with the additional damage and some of the fragments we’ll discuss below, and you’ve got some fun niche builds as well as potential endgame burst damage if supported by some other classes.

Here’s a look at all the options so far for Void 3.0. Be on the lookout for more Destiny 2: The Witch Queen loadout guides in the coming days!

In Destiny 2: The Witch Queen's new Void 3.0 system, Devour is better than ever for Warlocks.
Devour is better than ever for Warlocks with Destiny 2: The Witch Queen’s new Void 3.0 system. | Provided by Bungie

Warlock Void 3.0 fragments and aspects


  • Child of the Old Gods (grants two fragment slots): This one’s the game-changer, and by that I mean the rift-changer. Child of the Old Gods helps Warlocks get in on the Void 3.0 debuffing craze with the introduction of the Void Soul, which tracks and connects to enemies. Any opponent in the vicinity of the Void Soul is weakened and, when you’re damaging enemies in a Void Soul, you either get enhanced grenade and melee recharge (Healing Rift) or you get healed (Empowering Rift). The latter creates some intriguing options for player-vs.-player activities, specifically.
  • Chaos Accelerant (grants one fragment slot): Chaos Accelerant pairs very well with Contraverse Holds, Nothing Manacles and other Warlock exotics that lean into Discipline. There are several aspects that can take it to another level, too, like Echo of Provision, Echo of Remnants and Echo of Undermining for some fun grenade-focused builds.
  • Feed the Void (grants two fragment slots): Combined with Child of the Old Gods, Feed the Void can create some wild situations where you have Devour up for entire strikes.


  • Echo of Expulsion: Void ability final blows make opponents explode and this fragment also gives you 10 more Intellect for faster Super regeneration. This lets you keep Devour up and blow even more things up. Win-win.
  • Echo of Reprisal: Killing enemies with other enemies close by generates additional Super energy. Very effective, given the Titan’s options for gaining an overshield.
  • Echo of Provision: Hitting foes with grenade damage gives additional melee energy. This fragment also gives users -10 Strength to compensate for the extra recharge of the fragment.
  • Echo of Exchange: Melee final blows give your Guardian grenade energy. The final blow does not have to be a Void 3.0 ability, so this will pair well with Echo of Provision and could be a net-positive despite the -10 Strength given by Echo of Provision
  • Echo of Remnants: Extends the duration of damage-over-time grenades. Creates a new debuff platform for Void 3.0 when paired with Echo of Undermining.
  • Echo of Undermining: Grenades weaken opponents, making them more vulnerable to all incoming damage. The fragment comes with a -20 to Discipline, decreasing grenade recharge rate to compensate for the power of debuffs against tougher targets. This feels like an either/or from a support perspective with Void Soul. Add this fragment into your grenade mix or use the Void Soul as a debuff. Both have a significant impact on DPS in early testing.
Void 3.0 Warlocks guide for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, which released on Tuesday, February 22.
While Titans are more focused on bolstering their support abilities and buffing up their teammates, Warlocks should be locked in on burst damage and clearing the room to lend a hand to their fellow Void enthusiasts. | Provided by Bungie
  • Echo of Persistence: Makes Void 3.0 buffs applied to you — such as an overshield, invisibility or the former Warlock-only perk Devour — last longer. This is a big plus for Warlocks and the main way to get your Devour timer around 15 seconds, which makes it really easy to keep kill chains, and the buff, going.
  • Echo of Leeching: Your melee final hits trigger health regeneration for you and your fireteam. This fragment also comes with +10 to your Resilience. Not as necessary with Devour up; this is more beneficial for Hunters than the other two classes.
  • Echo of Domineering: Suppressing a foe (AKA using a Suppressor grenade, Void Soul, etc.) increases your mobility and reloads your weapon from reserves. This fragment also gives you +10 to Discipline, allowing you to throw more of those Suppressor grenades and keep your enemies grounded.
  • Echo of Dilation: You move faster while crouching, and your radar range and accuracy expand. The main benefits of this fragment, though, are the +10 to both Mobility and Intellect. A good placeholder if you have a strong three-fragment build already.
  • Echo of Instability: Grenade kills add volatile rounds to your Void weapons. These rounds apply volatile to your foes, which means they explode when they take more damage. The mod also adds +10 Strength, which, when paired with Echo of Exchange, means more chances to proc the effect.
  • Echo of Harvest: Killing weakened enemies with a precision final blow creates an Orb of Power. Good for Charged with Light builds, but it comes with -10 to Intellect.
  • Echo of Obscurity: Kills with a finisher grant the user invisibility. Very niche, perhaps good for non-Hunters trying to run endgame content solo.
  • Echo of Starvation: Orbs of Power also grant you Devour, which comes with many perks. Devour sends you back to full health on enemy kills and triggers extra grenade regeneration. Kills also extend the duration of Devour. The fragment comes with a -10 to Discipline to make sure that grenade regen doesn’t mean you’re just tossing nades every few seconds.

That’s it for the main new stuff, but the abilities and even Supers for Void 3.0 are altered a bit. Here’s what The Witch Queen did to Warlocks with Void 3.0 and how to take advantage of those new skills.

Empowering Rifts in Void 3.0 are more viable than ever for Warlocks with the inclusion of the Void Soul.
Empowering Rifts are more viable than ever with the inclusion of the Void Soul. | Provided by Bungie

Warlock Void 3.0 basics


  • Nova Warp: Creates a protective dome for players and buffs weapon damage for Guardians that pass through it. Once overpowered, then a meme, Nova Warp is back to being a good Super option, particularly in things like the Legendary campaign where add clear is essential and you can rely on Gjallahorn and other weapons for boss damage.
  • Nova Bomb, Cataclysm: A great burst damage tool and fan-favorite, the “Slowva Bomb” pairs really well with exotics like Skull of Dire Ahamkara and Nezarec’s Sin. No changes to this one really.
  • Nova Bomb, Vortex: It moves faster, but it’s not as explosion-y. The Vortex Nova Bomb leaves a twisting Void mass in its wake that does damage over time. This is one of those Supers that works in PvP but is outdone by the Cataclysm version in endgame PvE content.

Class abilities

  • Healing Rift: Does as the name says. The rift can give you an overshield, and paired with the Void Soul aspect can also help your fireteam regenerate grenade and melee abilities.

Melee abilities

  • Pocket Singularity: A new ranged melee tool for Warlocks that tracks to enemies and does a surprising amount of damage while repositioning and priming enemies for more explosive goodness.


  • Void Wall: Creates a horizontal wall that damages enemies who pass through it. Good for add control and cordoning off portions of the map.
  • Suppressor Grenade: On explosion, suppresses enemies. This can also cut off Light and Stasis ability use.
  • Void Spike Grenade: Attaches to a surface and spews Void energy. This also works well for damage-over-time and creating space.
  • Vortex Grenade: Creates a dome-shaped space that pulls enemies in and does damage over time.
  • Magnetic Grenade: Attaches to opponents and explodes twice.
  • Scatter Grenade: Bursts into a number of projectiles that all explode to deal damage to any enemies in the area.
  • Axion Bolt: A seeker grenade that explodes on impact but also creates homing projectiles that follow live targets.
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